Yesterday I had minor surgery on my mouth.

A cyst had developed near the root of my tooth. I know - totally gross!

I thought I was just going in for a consult with the endodontist when they moved me, shot me up, and started cutting away at my gums. (sorry, that was harsh and graphic)

Isn't it funny how they always say, "You did great" afterwards?

#1. I sure as hell don't feel great
#2. I didn't do anything besides lie here
#3. I'm drooling and feel like my lip is hanging down to my chin
#3. You've just given me a list of perscriptions, an ice pack, and are asking me to come back next week to remove stitches

Yeah, I did GREAT!

But I kept all that to myself, tried to smile (more drool), and thanked the nice looking man that had just cut my mouth open.


Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Oh, I am so sorry!!!! That is the worst. Especially when you think you are just going in for a consult. For some reason, I don't like it when they spring that stuff on me. I need time to digest the news. I don't really know why because no matter what I have to still get it done and what does it really matter to do it right then or have to come back, but to me it's the worst. I hope you are feeling better. Have Eric wait on you hand and foot and make you lots of yummy drinks and soups. :) Get better soon.

nicwoo said...

Poor Hay... this is two times I've seen a sad swollen face from you GET FEELING BETTER ASAP! (the other was the discount deal you got back in the day SLC for your wisdom teeth...)
So you do DO GREAT it is NOT something you can just smile/drool about. Thinking of you

banananutmeg said...

how did you even know you had a cyst? did your mouth hurt?

ouch. Did they knock you out...or gas you at least? I've heard the gas is great.

Lori said...

At least you are wearing a cute shirt! Get well soon.

Garrison Propaganda said...

well thats a crappy surprise! but doesnt that mean smoothies/malts/ice cream for meals the next few days or no? hopefully your meds will take you to happy places and not be some pumped up version of tylenol! happy recovery, hope the stitch ceremony removal goes well. you at least deserve that!

Hayley said...

Just found it in an x-ray and they just pumped me full of Novocaine.

Oh, don't you love that smell! and not to mention the suctioning and the spray on your face. Simply the best.

sheena said...

the spray on your face...too funny.

i'm so so so sorry about this....it sounds horrible!!

eRiCa said...

YUCK!! Mouth pain is horrible. And that pic of you is sooo sad :(
*you still look hot in it though *

Hope the pain goes away soon!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey I ♥ your blog :)

Rachelle said...

oh my. hope your mouth feels better soon!

i went to the dentist this morning and came out looking like i had just taken a shower. clearly this guy was new - i got very wet. yuck!

John said...

you've got blog skills

sheena said...

sorry, i know I already commented--but my mouth hurts every time I look at that picture.

your word verification is homies, just in case you cared.

SBAM said...

Ow. I'm glad you did GREAT though! How do you respond to that, anyway? Since with the numb mouth and probably crazy amounts of gauze and stuff in your mouth, you sound like a martian if you respond at all? I think going to the dentist can be a little degrading, even if it is necessary! Get better, you look so sad!

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