A Good Start


Hooray for another Monday under my belt. Whew. It was a long one.

We had a few minor set backs. Some hits to the head. Fighting over toys. Blondie whining. Mae tantrum-ing.

I only found Mae sitting in the bathroom sink twice, covering my bathroom cupboards in lotion once, and sneaking out the front door and down the street in her diaper once.

It helped to put on my new scarf and hat that we found this weekend to at least pretend it was chilly out.

We had our favorite dinner. Homemade Whole Wheat Barbeque Chicken Pizza. And because I'm such a good mom I snuck some grated carrot in with the sauce.


And we had family night. We talked about gratitude. Blondie named everything she could see around the house, "Chairs. Tables. Bunny. Skateboards." Mae grunted, picked at her belly button, and scurried around.

I made a banner from just paper, ribbon, and my Viking to proudly display all of our many thanks and blessings.


E put the girls to bed and I went to Yoga.

The End.


sheena said...

I love your banner, and I love your shirt.

and I think it's funny that everyone is blogging about mondays today.....there must be something going around.

Garrison Propaganda said...

ah those days are all too familiar. but you made it! and what better way to end in a relaxing session of yoga? cute banner, and way to get those kids to be such healthy eaters! impressive!

The Brown Family said...

Your 'accident' consisted of her going potty outside? That's no accident around my house. My little guy escapes to the back yard to relieve himself all the time. YUCK!

banananutmeg said...

at least you can hose off the patio!
your banner is totally cute! You are right that on days like these we should take time to remember what we are grateful for. Here's to a fabulous tuesday!

Megan said...

Pizza...oh yummy! I want the recipe!

I am stealing your banner idea! Thanks!

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