The Culprit


See that child?

No, not that one.

The one with the toothbrush. Yes. That's her.

She is really cute, right? Those big eyes and that contagious smile. Some days she just melts my heart with her cuddles and kisses. Her laughter and playfulness.

Not today. This morning I'm a little peeved at her

She likes to scream at night. Yep, blood curdling screams from her bed. She will carry on and on until I retrieve her and even then she still chooses to scream in my ears. I can't help but wonder - Why does she do this to us?

Well, it is because she wishes to sleep with me...ahem...on me!

I love her dearly and am flattered that she would like to cuddle with me all night long, but that is not really how I want to spend my nights. I'd rather cuddle with someone else.

But she is just too irresistible to be angry for long. Today when she pats my knees and sweetly says Mama I can't help but snuggle up to her and kiss those sweet cheeks in hopes for a better night tonight.


mE said...

well, i should be working right now - but just had to comment during my break - we had the same problem with both our kids at one point or another - UNTIL we bought a neat little nap mattress that is tucked behind the kids bedroom door. We kindly let our kids know that if they want, they can come into our room but must set up camp on the floor. So Mercer drags her pillow, blankets, water, pacifier, and mattress into our room almost nightly and goes to sleep. I then carry her back to her bed the next time i wake up because rebecca is snoring. Oh wait, i snore. oh well. you get the idea. it's worth a shot! maybe even let her pick the nap pad out.

banananutmeg said...

It is so hard to put a kid back to bed 20 times a night! I totally know what you're going through...and yes, it's hard not to forget what all the screaming and exhaustion and desperation from the night before, when they are all cute and smiley and snuggly the next day....because THEY managed to get enough sleep!

Scooby and Jon said...

She is stinkin cute...

SBAM said...

I think it's a Lewis thing. Tiffany slept curled up on my chest for I don't know how long since we shared a room and the screaming woke me up LONG before Brodie and Shaye even thought about becoming conscious. Shaye says she doesn't even remember that much screaming. As a teenager, I didn't mind much 'cuz I could sleep through anything and I couldn't cuddle with anyone else. Plus we all remember how cute Tiffany was. But I don't think I have the patience as a mother. I'm with you, I'd rather cuddle with the person that's supposed to be there, not the one invading. The cute is a total defense mechanism! Hope you sleep better tonight!

Elsleuth said...

Who is in control mom or the 25 pound blonde? It sounds like the short one know exactly how to get her way with the love of her life. K

Lewieville said...

Hey at least it is the little one... I have my three year old coming in all night long. I try the super nanny technique but I just get to tired sometimes! Its frustrating but I have NO suggestions. Good luck!

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