My home is silent.

It's been deserted by guests and is only occupied now, by myself, and the 3 (currently) snoozing people that I share it with. We are wiped out. Only 4 hours ago this place was swarming with some of the people that Easy E and I love and my children simply adore.


After days of entertaining children, cleaning up, sightseeing, shopping, chatting, laughing and eating I am fully prepared to snuggle up to my man and take a much needed nap.

We left church early. I was seeing a little too much of the backs of my eyelids and Mae was failing in our arms (and on the floor) a little to much for us to properly deal. We quit while we were ahead.

Though I am drained of all energy, I must say that my cup is very full today. I am so completely grateful for the simple things in life:

My family
My health
The Gospel

I feel very blessed.

Oh, and my turkey turned out great.


Karen and Joe said...

You are truly blessed! Glad to hear it all turned out so well! And your turkey too! :)I knew it would!

Love the picutres of "little Kid grime!" THat made me laugh!I have way too many of those too! Making a blog of them would help me laugh about them rather than fret about them!

Mrs. Alston said...

thats a great photo! so precious!!!

brettg said...

wooo thanksgiving was awesome i freaking love you guys

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