My home is silent.

It's been deserted by guests and is only occupied now, by myself, and the 3 (currently) snoozing people that I share it with. We are wiped out. Only 4 hours ago this place was swarming with some of the people that Easy E and I love and my children simply adore.


After days of entertaining children, cleaning up, sightseeing, shopping, chatting, laughing and eating I am fully prepared to snuggle up to my man and take a much needed nap.

We left church early. I was seeing a little too much of the backs of my eyelids and Mae was failing in our arms (and on the floor) a little to much for us to properly deal. We quit while we were ahead.

Though I am drained of all energy, I must say that my cup is very full today. I am so completely grateful for the simple things in life:

My family
My health
The Gospel

I feel very blessed.

Oh, and my turkey turned out great.


Stripping Down and Stocking Up

We are having The Feast at our home on Thursday.

A big, yummy, smelly Gardiner Feast.
Gardiner's aren't smelly - they are actually very very hygienic.
Oh, but my kitchen will be all sorts of wonderful-smelly and I can't wait to get my cook on.

First though, I must take care of this:

Photobucketsee my new pillow covers? are they not wonderful?

It's everywhere. The "little kid grime" as Easy E calls it. Can you imagine the mixture of ingredients in it?
Slobber for sure. Then there is dirt, snot, yogurt, crackers, markers, soap, probably more snot and some lovely bacteria.

It seems like what this house really needs a good deep cleaning. It should be stripped. I'll just be lucky to get the toilets clean and the tile mopped before they show.

Tuesday I'll make rolls, cornbread for my stuffing, and some cranberry sauce (nothing canned here).
Wednesday I'll brine my turkey, and finish my (well PW's) stuffing, and also make her mashed potatoes.

Tonight, I went to the grocery store and mulled for about 20minutes over whether to get a frozen preserved turkey for a measly $7, or a fresh, totally natural, organic grain fed one for $60. I settled for the fresh one in between soaked in only 3% preservative solution.

Now, I'm wondering what he was fed on. What would you give a turkey besides grain? Maybe I don't want to know.


So that brings us here:

1. to the completely stocked fridge (such a lovely sight) and pantry

2. my watering mouth for Meg's Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake


3. anxiety on how I'll actually pull this thing off



My Favorite Video

On This Date

...she turns 3


I could just eat her!

I'm wrapping gifts, have tied *balloons to her bed, and am preparing her special letters* for the big day.

Tonight we had dinner with some of the best of friends and tomorrow we will be snacking, dancing, and playing with 6 princesses.


I'm thinking it's pretty nice to be 3 today.

*We are starting new birthday traditions:
1. Balloons on the bed to wake up to in the morning (one for each year)
2. Memory letters from the year by Mom, Dad, and the Grandparents


Midweek Musing

I only have one musing today, which I have been thinking about for the past hour or so.

This afternoon the girls and I were playing in our rock yard which consists of rocks, both big and small, a slide, and a few bushes. Gotta love the desert life.

I could hear the neighbor's teenage boy and his friends talking and laughing over the cinder block wall, not distinctly because of their changed voices, but I usually do try my hardest to eavesdrop. So, one of them starts hacking. I mean really hacking. Like he had inhaled some sort of insect and it was jumping around in his lungs. Poor guy.

Then, it hit me.

The smell.


Wait. A. Minute.

That is not cigarette smoke. Definitely not.
For sure something else.

For sure

We had only been out about 5 minutes. I grab Mae and tell Blondie it's time to go in. She doesn't understand that I'm totally against her getting high at any age and to any extent. She yells. She runs. I chase. Barefoot on these freaking sharp rocks. Agh! I do the whisper-yell, "Heeey! Get over Heeere! Nhow!"

It reminded me of when I worked at Fallon Florist designing for my internship. There was this older lady Theresa (like 50) that worked there. She was convinced that I was uptight -which I am totally not. I guess for her standards I was though and she snuck a joint into my apron pocket. When I grabbed for my knife I pulled it out and was like, "What the?" She just cackled and I took it to the bathroom and flushed it.
Theresa was nuts!

Anyway...back my neighbors

What would you do?

A. call the cops
B. ignore it
C. hang your head over the fence and ask to join in

p.s. if you are answering (C) then you may want to do so anonymously


Just spoke with the neighbor kid. I let him know that I wasn't going to call the cops, but would appreciate it if they took their fun elsewhere so my kids could play in their rocks. He was very respectful and apologetic. I don't expect any funny business with him. I think he got that I was serious, but a pretty nice lady. It would have done no good to talk to the boy's father since he was home when the incident occurred yesterday.

If they were being rowdy and destructive I would have called on em.

I feel better now. I was just going to ignore it until it happened again, but then you all helped me to realize that things could get worse. Which, I do not want happening. Now it's done.


When I Lose Her










A Good Start


Hooray for another Monday under my belt. Whew. It was a long one.

We had a few minor set backs. Some hits to the head. Fighting over toys. Blondie whining. Mae tantrum-ing.

I only found Mae sitting in the bathroom sink twice, covering my bathroom cupboards in lotion once, and sneaking out the front door and down the street in her diaper once.

It helped to put on my new scarf and hat that we found this weekend to at least pretend it was chilly out.

We had our favorite dinner. Homemade Whole Wheat Barbeque Chicken Pizza. And because I'm such a good mom I snuck some grated carrot in with the sauce.


And we had family night. We talked about gratitude. Blondie named everything she could see around the house, "Chairs. Tables. Bunny. Skateboards." Mae grunted, picked at her belly button, and scurried around.

I made a banner from just paper, ribbon, and my Viking to proudly display all of our many thanks and blessings.


E put the girls to bed and I went to Yoga.

The End.



I think it's something that we have all thought about in the blog world and some of us - actually have done it.

Gone Private.

I've been wrestling with it all weekend.

Although, I can't bring myself to do it - yet. I have been doing a little housecleaning around The Dirt. I have edited every post. Changing out my children's names and ours as well. Deleting photos. Deleting some posts all together. In an attempt to make things more secure. Make me more secure. (wow - i really write in fragments. is that how i talk too?)

I hate checking my Analytics or Sitemeter and seeing questionable activity. Not knowing people's intentions. Man, that really bugs, but I love reconnecting with old friends and making new ones via the blog world. I love that there are actually people out there who think that my blog is worthy of their daily reads. Really guys, thanks!

Anyway, before I get all mushy my point is that, if you don't have a Sitemeter or Analytics account I totally advise it.

The End.

Moving on.

Oh yes, it is birth-week for one of my favorite girls.


And we are going to be having a lot of fun around here...

That is, after I get these freaking stitches out of my mouth and can laugh and smile with everyone and not look totally creepy while doing so.




Yesterday I had minor surgery on my mouth.

A cyst had developed near the root of my tooth. I know - totally gross!

I thought I was just going in for a consult with the endodontist when they moved me, shot me up, and started cutting away at my gums. (sorry, that was harsh and graphic)

Isn't it funny how they always say, "You did great" afterwards?

#1. I sure as hell don't feel great
#2. I didn't do anything besides lie here
#3. I'm drooling and feel like my lip is hanging down to my chin
#3. You've just given me a list of perscriptions, an ice pack, and are asking me to come back next week to remove stitches

Yeah, I did GREAT!

But I kept all that to myself, tried to smile (more drool), and thanked the nice looking man that had just cut my mouth open.



This is pretty sad.

The past few night I've been dreaming in buttons.

Guitar Hero Buttons

I may need help.


Can we still be friends?
What's that? Oh, you want to play too? Perfect!

My excuse for the obsession: Battling and beating my nieces at Christmas
Watch out Tiff!
I should know better though. The last time I challenged my nieces to anything (a footrace, arm wrestling) Cedie totally killed me. I had better keep practicing.





Hmmm. What is this? Let's give it a try...


Not bad. Surprisingly sweet.


Actually mixes quite nicely with the snot crusted on my upper lip.


There it is.
Oh baby, that's the ticket! It's been dipped in a tub of butter!




When This Began

I'm usually up for anything. Ask me to hang out and I'll be there. I cannot turn it down. A fall night, my girlfriend convinced me that she needed me for emotional support. I was there for her. Sitting in the crowd and waiting as she carefully picked at her guitar a little before sweetly singing to the crowd. I couldn't help but think to myself. Why on earth does this girl need emotional support?

The bells on the door rang a little a I looked over. A tall guy walked through the door. He was striking. Who is this guy? Yeah, the guy with the excellent bone structure and the blond wafro (white man afro) walking in...Who is he? He stands for a while where I can see him nodding his head and making small talk with I assume, his friends. I tried not to pay to much attention, but his smile was infectious and I stared a little. That jaw! Wait...where did he go? Who...wha...? He sat down on the little couch right beside me. I can feel my stomach in my throat. He was so close that we were almost touching. I was so flattered and intrigued by his boldness. I didn't have to wait long to find out who he was because he immediately introduces himself and is asking me questions. His name is E--- and he's from California. I like the sound of that. I'm H-- from Nevada. We knew the same people. He liked my nose and the short blond hair sticking out from under my beanie and I am immediately smitten with his candor.

He showed up that November evening at Open Mic to see a girlfriend play her guitar. We had no idea that this was just the beginning of many instances that our paths would cross at random times and in random places. E--- from California. I knew I'd see him again. Yes, it was just the beginning...



The Culprit


See that child?

No, not that one.

The one with the toothbrush. Yes. That's her.

She is really cute, right? Those big eyes and that contagious smile. Some days she just melts my heart with her cuddles and kisses. Her laughter and playfulness.

Not today. This morning I'm a little peeved at her

She likes to scream at night. Yep, blood curdling screams from her bed. She will carry on and on until I retrieve her and even then she still chooses to scream in my ears. I can't help but wonder - Why does she do this to us?

Well, it is because she wishes to sleep with me...ahem...on me!

I love her dearly and am flattered that she would like to cuddle with me all night long, but that is not really how I want to spend my nights. I'd rather cuddle with someone else.

But she is just too irresistible to be angry for long. Today when she pats my knees and sweetly says Mama I can't help but snuggle up to her and kiss those sweet cheeks in hopes for a better night tonight.


Call Me Betty

...well, in January you can because I'm in!


Yes, it is official. I will be starting nursing school in January. I have been on a waiting list for almost 2 years. Yes, two measly years of waiting, not knowing, hoping. I've hated waiting. "Hey, aren't you supposed to be starting school again?" "Ummm. Yea-h. Uh, still just waiting..."


Then Bam!

When I got my acceptance letter in the mail today I cried, (I don't cry often well, except when I'm pregnant) screamed into the phone, (sorry Honey!) and have felt all sorts of emotions from elated to anxious.

I just can't believe it is really happening. We been praying for direction on our current state and it just seemed like we weren't getting anywhere. I admit I was getting a little frustrated and ready to give up on my hopes of going to school for now.
We just haven't known what to do. Should we stay in Arizona or should we go..."da da dum...if I stay it will be trouble." Sorry.
Should we move to Arkansas for a year then come back? Should we buy a house? Move closer to Eric's work? Should we put off my education until the kids are grown?

Today we got our answer. Yes, it will be tough, but We. Can. Do. This.

We can!

I will gratefully stay home with my babies by day and attend class 2 nights a week with a rotation on the weekend.
Not so bad, right?

Did I mention I almost jumped through the roof?


Replacements, A Photo, and a Check in a Box

I took a little blog-break and it was kinda nice, actually, I shut the computer down on Saturday night and it wasn't turned back on until late this morning. Unbelievable, right?

I admit, I'm pretty much in utter love with my Mac. He is amazing and if he could only give a back-rub like E there could be some replacing around here, but seriously, with all the partying and candy, and friends in town and over for dinner, I was so content with my cyber-free weekend.

But, now I'm back and was tagged by Annie:


This is 18 month Blondie on Easter Sunday. She found the baby, that ball, and the doodle-pad in her makeshift Easter basket. I am in love with that crazy hair and those sweet cheeks.

Also in this photo is our famous green chair that was purchased in Rexburg, Idaho for $4 at the Deseret Industries. E is in love with this chair and if it had a sweet pair of lips it could easily replace me. We also have found mud caked in it and believe it survived the Teton Flood along with this high-chair.

Wow. It's here already
Super Tuesday

Are you voting today? I am. Will you stay up late and watch the results?
I won't, but Easy E will.

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