Not Teesing

Eric has a little addiction with finding clever t-shirts online.

Most of them are stupid, but occasionally he finds a great one. I'm going to share the sites with you, not to spread the addiction, but to simply share the love of finding great and unusual gifts. Also, since it's about that time of year (already) and I like nothing better than to get my shopping done early and via the inter-web. Why are guys so hard to shop for?

Most of the shirts are very affordable and are like a deal-a-day type of thing.

This is Tee Fury




Spray Graphic



I also just learned how to do a screen-shot on my boyfriend Mac (wow. that sounded dirty)
I'll share the little trick with you. It saves right to your desktop: Apple+Shift+4
You can drag the area that you want to capture...and viola!

Here is my favorite song as of late. I can't get the thing off my iPod.
(Thanks Matt and Kierst)

I'm in such a giving mood today.

Do you need anything else? A cookie? Some water?

I know I've been a little post happy lately. I promise it won't last.


The Brown Family said...

I have a PC do you know how to do a screen-shot for that?

eRiCa said...

Love love love that song...I swear I listened to it for a month straight over and over again.

Thanks for the sites. I had a few saved already but the news one rocked!

Speaking of your giving mood...thanks for your comment...hopefully soon my jaw will be on the mend...seriously its right up there with contractions :)

eRiCa said...

ps screen shot for a pc = should be a button that says "prnt scren/sysRq hit that and then open up paint, then hit control V (to paste), the screen should come up, save as a jpeg and voila!

The Brown Family said...

thank you, thank you!

d said...

My husband has the same addiction. It is a little dangerous in Japan for two reasons. #1 Every shirt here is a great T-shirt for guys (he just got this awesome tiger fighting with super heros fighting in leopard attire to add to his way overfed collection) #2 The shirts pictures are great but the writing is in Kanji and if you aren't careful you can end up wearing a S&M shirt around Disneyland while Japanese people take pictures of your ignorance with your two year old in your arms.
Eventually I will take after your example and blog some good pictures.

Lori said...

Whenever this song comes through my rotation on the iPod I repeat it at least 3 times before I can move on.

Also, best shirt I ever saw was on a kid I met at Ricks. It was those fuzzy iron on letters and it just said "Bull Shirt". I'll always remember it. Hmmm... I wonder where that kid is. He was funny.

Garrison Propaganda said...

who cant help but like a little regina spektor?

sheena said...

LOVE this song and this video!! I can never get it out of my head, and I don't mind. have you heard her with ben folds.....love that too.

mE said...

So - I have a confession too - I like to pretend i can design cool shirts and enter them into contests - The point of this comment - though - is to point you to a cool, but addicting, site - http://shirt.woot.com/. Every week or so they have a contest/theme. You could even design and try to win money! (pretty good $ at that I think). But there are often really neat shirts on there that are limited to like 1,000 shirts sold. That would mean not too many people would own the shirt. The only draw back is they limit the color of shirts - but that would only be a problem if you bought a bunch of the same color over time. Enjoy the site and best o luck. oh - you should totally try to win one of the shirts - one entry of mine got a few votes - it was kind of fun.

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