a New Leaf

Monday night we did FHE. I should preface by saying that this is a little new to us. Our "typical" FHE usually consists of going to the Walmart (or whatever we happen to be doing at the moment) with me saying, "Oh, we should have FHE" and Esaying, "We are. We are going to the Walmart as a family." And that is that. End of discussion. End of FHE.

We did it though.
And It was great.


The girls and I made chocolate pudding.
Blondie says, "Choc-aaate."

We talked about family. Sang songs about family.

We made our family


and we played and ate choc-aaate.


It was a good night.


Carly said...

So cute H! We usually just sing songs too, otherwise Cadence becomes bored. Cadence also calls it, "Choc-aate" it's her favorite word.

I love Ava's room.. That kitchen freakin rocks. Where on earth did you get it??

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Sounds great! We're always forgetting about FHE, but when we do remember it's usually chaos! And we last about ten minutes, with a couple good songs, a quick lesson, a few quarrels, sometimes tears, hugs, a fight over whose turn it is to say the prayer- then off to bed, and a sigh of relief wondering just how effective these evenings are! I'm pretty sure it's all worth it though.
Nice to hear yours went pretty smoothly!

erica grover said...

FHE rocks my socks (although it is a challenge when our kids are this young huh?)

Lori said...

We finally had FHE this week, too. Maybe it was all of the wonderful things said about it at Women's Conference last weekend. Congrats.

Shar said...

That's awesome. I bet your girls loved it!

Your old FHE ways sound like our current FHE. It's just hard when you have an almost 2-year-old with an attention span of a peanut.

the gardiners said...

FHE for us is usually walking the dog. No lesson and no treats. We'll try to do better...

B & H

sheena said...

so so cute!! We've really been trying hard to do more "real" FHE's too...it's so fun.

why is paper eric so angry?

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

You are so crafty. My craft or game for FHE would never be that great. However, why does Eric look so so angry? Did someone have a bad day? Cheer up, you just had chocolate pudding. You can't beat that.

Garrison Propaganda said...

ah fhe is hard to do so many times. they say start when theyre young, but trying to keep their attention is a task. the pudding seemed to be a hit. whats up with erics angry face in the collage? the last picture is so kodak. i love it.

Rachel said...

whats up with the angry eyebrows on eric?...also, the gold skulls for halloween are a nice touch. my friend proposed to his girlfriend, by first giving her the gold skull (which she loved) and then the ring. i think the skull sealed the deal.

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