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Please put this in your queue. I'm sure that you will enjoy it.
We did.

Our Nation:

Is anyone else sick of these guys?


I am. They are driving me crazy! I think I may go third party on the 4th. I couldn't even watch the last debate. I'm totally over it.
Basically, Obama has it in the bag, right?



Mae had her 15 month yesterday. 11th% weight (20.4 lbs) and 75th% height.
She is a bird.
We have to take the bottle and binky away. Doc says, from here on out it will only get tougher. Everyone told me that with the second baby, I would want to keep her little as long as I could. Even though I hate hate hate the phrase, "I told you so." I admit that, you did, "tell me so." I'm going to be tough though. First the bottle then the pacifier. We are doing it by 18 months. For those of you who don't believe we can do it, in a few months, perhaps I will have my own "I told you so."
The bottles are already packed away.
Any advice on the binky?
Right now, she only has it at nap and bedtime.


( I have a weak spot for Mountain Man Eric. He is H-O-T.)

My love has a trip planned to Yosemite to hike with his buddy. I am sad and will totally miss him when he goes. I'm a little peeved that he is staying in a condo instead of roughing it.
Wimps I tell ya, WIMPS!
I'm will miss my man terribly, but am determined to have plenty or girly-type fun when he goes to keep the melancholy at bay.


Yay! Tomorrow we are having a Halloween-ey lunch party with friends and plenty of this:

Happy Hump-Day to Ya!


sheena said...

i have to laugh so hard at gm's stats....why are she and my sue so opposite?
60% weight 40% height.....poor girl.

i want to throw a party on nov 5th to celebrate it all being over.....I cannot take another second of it!

sheena said...

oh...for the bottle--try switching over to those nuby soft topped sippies first.

M said...

Mac and cheese, here we come!

Jenni said...

It's not over until the 5th...and if we have a redo of 2000, it's not over until January...heaven forbid.

I say don't stress about the binkie. But that's just me. I'd rather sleep. :-)

banananutmeg said...

snip the bink. Don't cut a chunk off...just take some scissors and snip a TINY slit in the end of it.
It will loose the "suck" but slowly over 2 nights or so. Then, pull out the big guns. make a second slit a week later. Then a third, then take a sliver off the top and expose a hole (which she might chew in it if she's teething anyway)
She might be mad, but she'll totally get used to sleeping with the "broken" binky.
Make that hole in the top larger and larger every few days until after a few weeks she looses interest, or there is nothing left but a stump. Reese didn't want the stump and threw it overboard.
my friend's little guy carried the plastic thing to bed and held it against his cheek for a week.
it works though. And I waited until 19 or 20 months. Yes...it got harder. I tried at 15 months but Reese started sucking her thumb, so we gave it back (wimps, I know...she was playin' us) and tried again...using the discrete method. it worked.

If you wait until she can grasp the "trade" or "money" concept you could have her "buy" a toy with it at the store. (have her give it to the cashier)
my kids weren't bright enough for this idea...but maybe yours are. I think it would be great for one of those 3 year olds still on the bottle though.

Q is almost 2 and still sucking her thumb. I think I'm going to begin the sad separation on New Years. And SAD SAD SAD it will be. It's still kind of cute to see her do it.

Jenni said...

Never heard the snip idea. Good one.

Brandon traded in his 3 remaining binkies for 3 toys....He was 3. (No numerical theme intended here.) It worked great and we didn't have any issues. I thought it was much easier than dealing with it at a younger age.

Carly said...

I was totally going to suggest that snip idea.

I agree...they are WIMPS. But in their defense it's not their fault. Mr. Larry (Father in-law) and another man in N11 ward don't want to completely rough it. Silly old men.

Dude I'm bummed you're not coming but have a fun girly weekend. Hooray for man n cheese!

nettie said...

we tried the snip idea, we tried taking it away, i feel like we tried everything! it always ended in tears and frustration (on both our parts), and sleepless nights. we finally waited until morgan was older (3) she gladly gave up her binky for toys on her birthday. doctors don't know everything.

Nikki said...

Yosemite is my favorite place on earth - those are some lucky boys. Can I just tell you that mac n cheese looks scrumptious?

Lindy Lewis said...

I have to agree on maybe waiting till she is old enough to reason with. Both Chad and Nicole were a few months from being 2 years old but both had no issues. Chad I cut his and you know how he is....just didn't want it so we threw it away. For Nicole we tied it on a balloon, went outside and watched it float away to the SUPER BABIES (from Dora). That was a good one. Everytime she asked for it we just had to remind her that the super babies have it.

SBAM said...

Mia totally did not get the concept of sippy cups. She'd bite, but could not figure it out for the longest time. Someone (I forget who, sorry) said that they gave their kids a sippy cup without the insert, you know the part that makes it spill proof. So I took that mechanism out and put her in the high chair, to keep spills to a minimum. When she finally realized she could get milk out of it, she was thrilled to feed herself. It only took another week before she got the hang of it with the little rubber thingy. (what is that part called anyway?) As for the binky, I have no idea. Mia's 19 months and I'm still working on limiting it to the crib! I love the binky as much as she does!

eRiCa said...

I agree with sheena on the bottle...

So...what's this movie about?

Sick of the whole political thing...

your party sounds fun can't wait to see pics.

h is for hayley said...

It's a documentary about the bassist of the NEw York Dolls from the early 70's. After the band breaks up the guy hits rock bottom, becomes LDS, and lives for a reunion. It's a touching film.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

We saw the movie and really enjoyed it. Is that mac n cheese from the deceptively delicious cookbook? We LOVE that stuff! Have fun, wish we were there with ya!

Garrison Propaganda said...

i think jonas was about the same. he dropped down pretty low. one of my kids dropped down to 9th% once i think too. but, i was like hey--have you seen their dad? both you and eric are skinny, so i wouldnt worry. as long as shes eating whats to worry? doctors have to worry about everyone, and everyone elses well being isnt always the best for you and your kids.

ive never been a bottle fan, and neither have my kids. mercer hardly would even take one. so, luckily it was never an issue.

as far as the pacifier goes. whats the rush? jonas had his until after 3. 9/23 of last year i have a post of the babbo fairy coming to visit. we have lots of fairies in our house. and shes been the favorite by far. we talked to jonas after he started preschool about her coming to take pieces of his babbo at a time. in return shed leave a gift. hed still suck it with snip after snip. but, hed had a pacifier chopped off once by his dad--and that was quite traumatic to say the least. with the babbo fairy jonas would decide when he was comfortable enough to put it under his pillow to loose a little bit. it was a really easy transition after a while.

im all about involving kids with major changes in their lives. sure he was older, but now hes trying to convince mercer to get rid of hers. im not in favor of that. its supposed to be just for naps and bedtime, but shes a mega whiner--so she ends up getting it popped in her mouth quite a bit. and i give it to her when shes in nursery. if i dont, every toy goes in her mouth. no thanks.

mercers two, still got hers, and i couldnt be happier. im not quite sure why parents feel kids are all the sudden too old for it. jonas' dentist made me feel pretty good when he found out at 3 jonas still had his pacifier. he said hes not going to go to kindergarten with it. and odds are, hell need braces anyway--the pacifier has nothing to do with it. so genetically is gm inclined to have braces no matter what? if so--are there any real concerns? (can you tell im a big pro-pacifier mom)? :)

good luck with whatever you do. hows the missing bottle going?

Annie Hyde said...

We liked New York Doll a lot. Very interesting to watch. A simple story, a good one. Have you seen "Sweet Land?" It is one of my favorite shows. Also very simple, though not a documentary, an actual movie. And what about "Once?" The most interesting musical I have seen, probably.

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