Knock Knock

Thursday morning Easy shot me an Email. This is how we communicate through the day. It's always nice to get a note from him, but this one was a little different:

Hows your day going?
Is Sis still miserable?
I got a surprise for you.
I love you.

Oh, I love a surprise. Any kind will do as long as it had that special word attached to it. The problem is that I can't handle
A: not knowing
and B: not spoiling it

So, I was a really good girl and patiently waited all day for my surprise. When he got home I was distracted and asked only about it a few times. At 9:30 we were sitting on the front porch just enjoying the evening with our groggy and sad teething baby. I kept wanting to go in, but E just wanted to stay out and enjoy the night.

We eventually put the baby back to bed and ended up talking in the living room. He says, "I think your surprise is here." What? As in, it wasn't here before? Just then the door bell rang. What? Who? How di...What? "Go open it."

I glance through the peep hole thinking that I just may catch a doorbell-ditcher, but much to my surprise, I see my Father-in-Law peering at me with beady eyes. Ah hah!

E explained to the Lost Hayley that Grandpa was here to watch the girls for a night. E and I were to go enjoy camping without them in Sedona.

Oh, glorious day!


Sedona was breathtaking and beautiful as always.


I guess that we weren't completely alone. We brought along the newest addition to our family...Sonya:

(yep, he convinced me and we love her already)

To the lame dude that stole all our firewood in the night,

You are not forgiven. I am crazy with a hatchet. Though it is dull as a rock, I am not afraid to use it.

You really should know better. -H

To Eric,

I love you!
I also love Lemon Propel, but baby, I love you more.



Oh, and these guys had a great time too:

I'm sure that you noticed the incredibly rad blue beanie that I am wearing. It accompanies me on every camping trip. Yes, I made it. It is OOAK and will always be so. I often will make something once and then never again. This goes for hats, skirts, bags, etc. I don't use patterns. My bro Matt taught me how to make one and I somehow managed to add the ear flaps, strings, and pompom all on my own. Yep, never again. Well, maybe.


Lindy Lewis said...

Okay first of all....I wish I was as camera happy as you are.

Second, props to Eric for surprising you. I think Jeremy has planned a getaway all by himself just once for one of our anniversaries..

third..you look so good and your kids are so freakin cute and I can't wait to see all of you again.

okay that's all. Love ya!!

SBAM said...

What a fabulous surprise! and I love the hat!

TheKeilShpeel said...

That is such a great surprise. Camping is soo fun and to be just the two of you and not have to deal with a grumpy teether.. Heavenly! I love propel too...it's basicaly the only thing I could drink for the last little while.

smith scratch said...

Oooh, I love a surprise, looks like you deserved it! Teething babies are such a big job.
Sedona looks amazing, wow!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

So fun!I think I'll have Matt read this to spark some ideas- we're a little anxious to do a night w/o kids again since our first one in almost four years last weekend! I couldn't believe how incredibly wonderful it could be! Way to go Eric!

The Brown Family said...

You are too hilarious. I love reading your blog cuz you always make me smile!

Nikki said...

Your blog makes me smile. Best husband surprise I've heard about in a long time! I'm all annoying and ask too many questions and always ruin it. I love camping and love your hat!

Candy said...

How fun! What a sweet husband you have to surprise you! Looks like you had a fantastic time and you look adorable in your hat. Your girls are cute as ever and I hope the little one feels better soon. Those stinking molars!

Chy said...

ok how is it that you have a cool stinkin remote for your camera! And you can write on your picts.... you were just cool from the begining I guess;0) Props to Eric what a good hubby

eRiCa said...

Serious points to your husband! And loved the picture recap. I want to go camping...

Taylor Tree said...

i love your gpa and i've only met him twice. so jealous of camping in sedona. was it chilly?

Markarian's said...

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