It's Coming

Are you ready?



Glitter skulls via Erica via Pottery Barn


Eric's ladle from our college ceramics class.
It's creepy, but I love it and
it's only allowed out at Halloween.

Ornaments via Lori with my Halloween spin

Oh, and here is a sneak-peek at my unfinished Little Miss Mummy Pants:


Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Okay, you are way too crafty!!!!!!!! How in the world do you find time to get so crazy with the decorations? My kids will be so jealous once they see your house. Maybe you can just start up a business where you go and decorate peoples homes for the holidays. That actually would be a great business. Someone should totally do that. You can practice by coming to my house. :) *it kind of makes me miss setting up for ward activities with you. however, i'd rather just go to the activity with you instead! :)

eRiCa said...

Those ornaments rock and the webs...nice...what did you use to do that? I just might have to follow your example :) I love the ladel as well :) Seriously awesome decor...not over the top, just perfect.

sweetpea#1 said...

I have just been proud of myself for buying costumes before the day before Halloween LOL. Way to go, it looks great!

banananutmeg said...

ok what IS the ladel?? A snuffaluffagus? (sesame street)
Love the webs over the table! Did you make the skulls?

h is for hayley said...

I bought the skulls at Wally-Mart (99 cents) and glittered them myself.

As for the ladle. Hmmm. I've learned not to question both Eric's creations and drawings. It is what it is. I'll have to post some of his sacrament doodles. I'm sure they'd be a hit on the ol blog.

Chy said...

hummm.. this is why I love you! Man I wish we could have gotten to know eachother better at good old Ricks;)

sheena said...

love it!!!! we made bats yesterday as well!! I totally forgot about crazy black hair--how funny is that!!

Garrison Propaganda said...

so much, too cute. i love halloween. i think we tried to wait as long as we could, but the decorations came up oct 1! the backside of the mummy is cute. im pretty sure its not intentional, but i think i see a bit of mummy crack! :)

the gardiners said...

I ran my brother's old 280Z under a tow truck once. I guess I fell asleep (I was working very odd hours). The driver looked in his rear view, mouthed a few choice words, and drove away without even getting out of his car to assess the damage. We just sold the car rather than putting the black hood on it.

My first car was a 1969 vw bug. I restored it from top to bottom. It was beautiful (as beautiful as a vw could be at least). Fun car. I got eight people in it once.


Annie Hyde said...

Haha, I have an old paperweight Danny made. It is not at all of the same skill as Eric's "candy holder", cuz Danny was in grade school, but it is a little head that is sort of freaky and awful and I think we will always keep it. Right now it is serving as a bookend. Cute house and decorations!!!

Eli's Lids said...

Saw you on Nie's blog. I love the ornaments!! I think I'll have to attempt creating them too. Blessings, KN

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