A Gross Giveaway

Yes my friends, just in time for Halloween a


Hooray! Wahoo! Yipee!

Remember these?

Well, I have three packs of truly gross GPK cards for your flashback pleasure. I of course, have to keep one for myself, but I'm going to giveaway 2 away to 2 of you! Just my way of saying thanks for reading. Oh yes, they even have the green gum in them.

Show a little love and you'll be entered to WIN!


eRiCa said...

SWEET! sign me up! Remember the one where the kid is crying and he's holding out his finger - the finger is squirting blood all around him? SICK! my brothers loved these...they are very amusing.

tough choice...concert or trunk-or-treat...I don't know what i'd do.

Emily said...

OMG....I love these! Can't believe I have tuned into the blog just in time for this! This is a TRUE FLASHBACK.....I feel as if today's kids are jipped that these are not still around! Enter me, enter me!!!


Lori said...

yuck. where on earth did you find them?

Garrison Propaganda said...

ewww. i always thought my mom was so mean for never letting me collect those. they were big when i was in kindergarten. now that i see them as an adult, i guess i have to confess i didnt miss out on much. mmmm....but the green gum doesnt sound too bad. love the haley and eric cards.

Anonymous said...


I loved the old, dryed out piece of gum you'd get in each pack. I remember sticking a piece in my mouth that basically shattered because it was so old...good times/good memories...sign me up!!!


banananutmeg said...

ew. that vomit pic still hits waaaay too close to home.

I remember hating my brother for having these as I was a lover of he cabbage patch kids. (remember the one where you could crimp the hair?)

M said...

Ah, the Garbage Pail Kids. Good times. I'm crossing my fingers ... pick me, pick me!

Rhonda said...

OMGoodness...I had forgotten about these. If i went to my parents house I could probably find a few here and there in the "toy" closet...LOL

Great blog by the way...I'm a newbie but it's one of my daily reads!

sheena said...

too funny!!

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