Friday Free for All

Let's just start by stating the facts:
  • I was in 4-h for many years growing up. I showed pigs and a heifer (yep, a heifer)...once.
  • When I got to high school I didn't even think about joining FFA. Instead I was one of the few tall and gangly 15 yr olds still in 4-H. It didn't matter though because I made a "killing" (haha) on my pigs.

So, now I'm with this FFA by the inspiration of Jenny and all her witty-ness.
  • I won't be making any money, but I'll have something fun to write about that you may or may not enjoy.

FFA #20
Saturday Morning Cartoons

As a kid I spent a lot of mornings watching whatever the boys were. I was outnumbered and little.
I also may have had somewhat of a crush on He-Man so I didn't protest.
After all, what little girl in the 80's wasn't in love with him?

"I have the POWER!!!"

Other favorites include:

Looney Tunes
Care Bears
The Flinstones
Tom and Jerry

ps. We are going camping with the Taylor's and I can't wait!!!


Jenni said...

Gosh, I wish I could find The Flinstones on these days.

Welcome, m'dear.

Garrison Propaganda said...

jonas is now a fan of flinstones and jetsons. got that from his mamma. i was a big fan of smurfs and muppet babies. walmart has the smurfs on boxed set. how great is that?!? im saving my hard earned cash for the muppet babies though.

ive been loving the daily updates, no complaints here if they continued! have fun camping.

the gardiners said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sheena said...

oh wow.... so many things to love about this right now!
1. you are posting like crazy these days....LOVE that.
2. He-Man...yes!! and don't forget She-rah (you know I pretended to be her)
*fraggle rock
*teenage mutant ninja turtles
*care bares
*mighty mouse
*basically any show with the characters having some kind of "power"

I LOVE this whole FFA thing....do I really need to blog more?? maybe.

Tiffany said...

We own every episode of He-Man on DVD. He rocks!!

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