While He Was Away

Can I tell you that it has been absolutly crazy these past 5 days? I was so looking forward to Easy E coming home and now, he is gone again, to work all day. It makes me sad.


So backtracking -

The Halloween lunch on Wednesday was, well yummy and crazy. It was a little chaotic with 6 little ones and only 2 adults. We had fun though and love our friends.

The show on Saturday didn't go so well. Way too many vendors selling way too many baby things way cheaper than mine.


At least Blondie had fun watching movies, eating snacks, and making crafts. She really is a lucky girl and I found her a fabulous new jacket for her birthday.

We made it to the Trunk-or-Treat, but only for about an hour.


Really, she is the cutest Mummy you have ever seen, right? Speaking of my Miss Mummy Pants. She is climbing on everything. Tables, chairs, and sinks are her favorite. Yesterday I found her with my scissors. I sometimes will accidentally leave them on the corner of my desk. I put them away and 5 minutes later she has them again. This time I put them back and watched her. She casually walks over to the chair, climbs up, climbs onto the table and retrieves the scissors. Way too smart.

We left early (from the TOT) so I could go to this. Blondie loved staying with Livi and I had such fun with my friends and baby girl.

Can I tell you how beautiful it was when Nie's little girls got on the stage to sing for their parents? The auditorium was silent as those 2 little girls walked across that huge stage. It. Was. Silent. Then, they sang and there wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. Beautiful.

We are so ready for a freaky week. I'm sure that my kids will be in costume every day (I can't seem to keep Ava out of her cat costume) This is our favorite Halloween tune. It's in this weeks playlist.

The Specials
Ghost Town



make a little time, read this, and give someone close to you some lovin


Nikki said...

I read that piece earlier this morning and cried and cried. You'll have to give me the full update on the concert. Yoga this week?

Glad you have your hubby back...at work.

h is for hayley said...

Yes Nikki - I will be there!

Rachelle said...

i am so glad you went to the nie concert! a friend and i talked about hopping in our cars and driving down - but we never made it. i'm sure it was e-motional.

SBAM said...

Really mean to make a pregnant lady read THAT! But thanks! And seriously, what is UP with the climbing? EVERY time I turn around, Mia is climbing on something. She figured out how to climb the stools and get on the kitchen counter, but she can't get back down. Unless she falls. I will never understand why ability comes before reason...

sheena said...

lol...lilterally at the climbing and grabbing the scissors.

I swear I could put them on the ceiling fan and lucy would find a way to them...that and batteries are her favorites.

i'm so happy you got to go to the concert!!

Taylor Tree said...

i shed a few wet ones on that article.

you are so dang pretty.

bummer about the show.

smith scratch said...

What an exciting few days. Sucks about the show, but at least Ava looks like she enjoyed it. Mae is an amazing looking little mummy and the I bet the concert was a life-changing event. Thanks for sharing that article, it was touching. We sure miss you guys.

sheena said...

I just watched the video of claire and jane singing. how did you drive home that night? i'm ruined.

so so sweet.

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