Camping Trip Gone....



Sure, it was great:

Fishing along a river in a deep canyon
Fresh air to fill my lings
Ginormous pines overhead
Dutch oven cooking
Great friends and my sweet family


and it really was...

AFTER we took a wrong turn and got lost (maybe now E can convince me about that GPS system)...and

BEFORE our neighbors got very drunk, yelled many profanities into the wee hours of the morning, and then proceeded to "make up" very loudly. Ahem, awk-ward!

and BEFORE the rains came forcing us to leave

and BEFORE I took a wrong turn on the way home and we ended up in Flagstaff (1.5 hours out of the way - GPS system?)

Other than all that, we had a

(yep, E is bailing water out of the boat)


eRiCa said...

sounds like a typical family camping trip.

Totally awkward about your lovely neighbors! ugh!

I wanna go camping!

sheena said...

I don't know if we've ever had a vacation that we didn't end up somewhere "unplanned"....(lost).

last time we went camping our neighbors got drunk and shot fireworks at us.


Jenni said...

Man, you guys camp like we do! Hey, at least the kids slept, right?

Shar said...

"Looking for your kid when they're holding your hand." Made me laugh so hard.

Make-up loudly. So funny and SO awkward! Did you laugh so hard? And plug your kids' ears?

At least Flagstaff is kind of pretty. And they have the NICEST McDonalds I've ever been to there. No joke. I didn't even think you could use the words nice and McDonalds in the same sentence, but Flagstaff proved me wrong.

And your kids don't know the difference of getting lost. I bet they had a blast.

Taylor Tree said...

did the kids sleep? i seem to remember no one getting sleep. lol to that video in the last post.

h is for hayley said...

the girls slept great. eric wished he had an m-80. jeff thought about getting his gun. before the rains came we all had a great plan of revenge for our noisy neighbors.

Lindy Lewis said...

Fun!! Your camping neighbors sound like our REAL life neighbors. In fact, I had to sing Chad some primary songs last night just to distract him from the yelling so that he could go to sleep. (Gotta love our neighborhood) I wanted to go scream at them soooo bad!! Anyways...I am jealous you got to go camping though!!

Lewieville said...

That is so funny! I think I have had trips like that before... and I have heard people "go to sleep" the way you heard them "wake up"! ITs very uncomfortable

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love the crazy hair, two out of the three members in the tent sleeping, camping with friends and family in the fall--what could be better? (other than a canoe that doesnt leak)? :)

FRYER FAM said...

Hayley- it was fun to get to know your sweet little fam some more. Mitch & Ava were too cute. I love how kids just get to know others so easily. Hope we can finish the trip sometime. Thanks for the yummy soup- sorry you didn't get my pancakes.

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