What's with Today?

8:00 Eat and feed Mae - Blondie refuses her granola for 15min until she actually tries it.

8:30 Get myself and girls ready to go to story time and load up.

9:00 Yay! We are early to the Library. We are definitely going to be in the front.

9:30 Wait. The sign says that a new session doesn't start until next week. Ugh. Chase Mae around the library and load up again.

9:45 Get all PoppySeeds orders packaged and label to ship. Wahoo! Things are looking good,
until I send Blondie to her room 3x for hitting GM in the head with a Matchbox car. GM also gets a time out for antagonizing her.

10:30 Feed girls a snack and get ready for Yoga.

10:55 Drop girls off at the Kid Zone and head to class. Man, I really need this class today. Take a few deep breaths.

11:05 Roll out my mat, help turn down the fans, and punch my card.

11:10 "Attention residents and guests will Mrs Gardiner please report to the Kid Zone." Oh, huh? That's me! Probably just a diaper change.

11:15 Mae is freaking out. The lady holding her looks exasperated. Is this a joke? Her face is blotchy and her screams only calm down when she is put in my arms.

11:20 We head back home. Mae goes right to bed. Blondie refuses to put a pull-up on for nap time. She wants to wear her panties, but refuses to go to the potty before her nap. I force the
pull-up on and shut the door. She screams for water - I get it.

11:45 It's quiet. The house is destroyed. I'm irritated that I missed my class - my time to take
care of myself - to let it all go. I guess I'll be cleaning my frustrations out for he next 2 hours and then I'll read my book....hopefully.


Marlisle said...

Whew, what a morning! Take a deep breath.

Remember Monday night I told you the classes start NEXT week. I guess not :). We must've just missed you. I forgot to bring the sling, and Chase was screaming for about 15 minutes while I was frantically pulling books off the shelves and keeping Bria from stuffing our bag full of random books. The librarians were happy to see us go. Til next week, library!

Garrison Propaganda said...

how exasperating! im sure when the kids are in bed youll be wiped out, but do take that time to forget about everything by indulging yourself. (especially since you missed that time for your yoga session). though you were totally irritated throughout your rough morning, you will look back and chuckle with all the small inconveniences that added up to one pain in the booty day. i got a good laugh as its reminded me of many days where thing after thing just seems to not work out. good luck with tomorrow!

Lori said...

I'm with you... a kid was here for 45 minutes today and he broke 2 of cohen's favorite toys and pooped his pants and got it all over the carpet. GRODY! This made me gag and I threw up on the kitchen floor. Man... I hate days like this.

hang in there.

AHEM said...

Marielle - It must have gone in one ear and out the other.

Lori - Thank you so much for using the word, "grody" it has to be one of my favorites, even if it isn't a word at all

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Oh man, I love that this post came just after your sweet momma moment post! I think that is almost exactly the way my life runs as well! I look at my life, am filled with such great feelings, and then the very next moment chaos breaks loose! Ah, it's all good though, it's all good!

Young Family said...

rough day hopefully tomorrow is better.

SBAM said...

Sounds like fun! Sucks to miss yoga, though! Brynn still likes to come in and jump on me when I'm relaxing at the end of my session. Less relaxing with children involved, eh? I hope you were able to "clean" your frustrations out!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

WOW! It sounds like you have officially hit the difficult stage of having two so young. I have to admit, that our librarian has scolded my children before if that makes you feel better. It was very embarrassing and uncomfortable. It actually just made me annoyed at the lady, but oh well. Sorry you had such a tough day. Those come and go, but there are tons of good days in between to balance it all out. :)

Lewieville said...

Isn't life fun!! As we have noticed MANY times before... we run identical lives. Good luck and hang in there.

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