The Right Part of Town

We went treasure hunting last weekend. Easy and I are like hawks in a thrift store. Dishes. Electronics. Furniture. Crazy decor. Outdoor Area. Collectibles. And we are done. I take a little longer cruising through the womens clothing, fabric and, yeah it's gross, but shoes too.

It has changed in taking the girls though. Mae wants down. Squirming. Screaming. Kicking. I'm freaking about germs. My hawk eyes are on Blondie and she clenches my fingers.

Phoenix is big. 4 million big. Yeah, I never think it's that big, but it is. There is ghetto. At the Goodwill I'm in line feeling the grime on my finger tips. Wanting to reach for the Purell in my bag, but not wanting to look like a total prude. I then really notice what is taking so long. The place is swamped. It is 50% off day and I'm watching the extremely thorough girl at the register.

She inspects each price tag.

She inspects each bill given to her by holding it into the light.

She scans each cart with her eyes before pressing "total".

She holds my ID and credit card for a good minute's examination before staring into my eyes and looking back at my license before swiping it through the machine.

This place has been scammed one too many times. It's almost worse that airport security.

As I'm leaving I pass a large bearded man (in a really tiny shirt and filthy holy pants). He yells over to his lady "Gotta git me a beer." It was noon.

Hold my breath. Kick open the door. Find the Purell.

Always in search of these bad boys.

The new addition to Blondie's room. It will be candy apple red by the end of the day.


sheena said...

we need to talk. and start planning. a week long thrifting spree. soon. we could do serious damage. you know you want to. I don't know why I'm talking like this. just excited.

sheena said...

also, when jonah was about 18 months he grabbed one of those dirty ol' shoes off the rack and put it in his mouth. talk about gross.

banananutmeg said...

I haven't been to a good thrift store in awhile. After reading this and sheena's post a week ago, I think it's time. But I don't wanna take my kids. Maybe just Q while Reese is in school.

Taylor Tree said...

love that clock.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I am going to love that clock in red. Do they have another one? I would have never seen the beauty and great find in it, but now that you tell me it can be painted ... a stroke of genius!!!! :)

Carly said...

I heart your blog. I heart that clock. I heart you.

Rachelle said...

hayley, i love your blog! it's obvious. i check it often. you are too funny. you found some good finds at goodwill! whenever i go with kelly i find that i am ready to purell it up the minute we get to the car as well!

Jason and Tiffany said...

I am the EXACT same way!! I was CracKin up!! My husband and I LOve Goodwill...we always find good treasures. Jason always thinks he is going to find an Antiques Roadshow moneymaker...ha ha

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