Poor Day for Miss Mae

The girls love to play outside even when it's 105 out.

On our 8x8 foot patio surrounded by a huge rock yard:


The other day, it ended up like this:


After this:



At dinner clean up she got this:


No wonder she runs to Mommy for extra love and comfort.


Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Oh, my poor little friend. At least she looks like she is enjoying it ... maybe?! :)

Taylor Tree said...

"no mommy stop." that what she's saying in the last pic.

Jenni said...

Boy, I don't miss the rock yard. Of course, the pavement in my backyard isn't much of an improvement...

I love her face in that last one.

Garrison Propaganda said...

what a day! her cute little bum up in the air is hilarious. and that last picture is front of a card, tshirt, bathroom poster worthy. absolutely adorable!

Carly said...

What the heck??

Anyway I'm from America. I think we know each other. I'm not a tour guide but I know the SCV kind well and would be glad to show you and your friends around. Come visit me sometime. Bring those girls too.

Mae looks hilarious in that last pic.

E said...

Yeah I know.


Carly, you continue to crack me up.

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