Night-Mare Recap

Hey Easy E - Remember how we went to bed last night at 10pm? It was rare and awesome. I loved it.

Oh, but remember how Bear woke at 11:30? Screaming. Molars coming in. Her temp was 102.

I doubled up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen (did you know you can do that? it kicks the crap out of a bad fever.)

I tried to leave her - she screamed.

I laid down on her floor and had my hand in hers through the crib bars and I thought of scorpions. And how they were going to poison me by the dozen if I stayed there all night. Like the big one we captured the 2 days ago. I'm sure I'm on his buddy's hit list:

I moved and she...screamed.

Manage to fall asleep until 2:30. I woke to leave and...she screamed.

This is when she ended up on our bed. Kicking you in the face all night - I'm sorry. I thought we did great with her there.

5:30am. Ava: "Mommy, I want milk. Daddy, milk please." "No. Go back to bed"

She cried and I got her milk.

7am - We're all up.

Groggy. Sad. Cranky.

I'm hoping that tonight will be better, but not counting on it.


For now, I'm enjoying naptime.


mrs.kristin said...

You should write a book. Your posts are so entertaining. I hope you get more sleep tonight!

eRiCa said...

give her popsicles all day long...otter pops...it'll help while she's awake...help you and her :)

molars suck rocks!

grandpa said...

Classic, It is lucky you two love eachother.

M said...

Wow, you looked great at the library; couldn't even tell. Could you hear Bria screaming as we were leaving? I ended up having to carry her to the car. I think I had around 65 lbs. loaded on me, what with Chase, Bria, the book bag and the diaper bag. Maybe I'll bring my stroller next time ...

Lewieville said...

You deserve naptime! 7.30 is a normal occurance in our household, we are always up by 6.30 so I totally understand how wonderful naptime is!

sheena said...

I still can't get over that you were in bed by 10!!

poor poor girl.....so sorry she's sad.

Taylor Tree said...


Garrison Propaganda said...

curse kids! i swear they have detectors to ruin those sometimes seemingly perfect moments...like those rare times when we do get into bed early enough. how i love my sleep and hate being wakened by babies piercing screams. ah--im due in how many months? what was i thinking?!?

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