The Leader of the Pack


H: How was your meeting?
E: I have to buy a shirt. It's $50!
H: What? Holy cow! Are you serious? What is a Webelo anyway?
E: Umm, I think its what you are between a Bear and a..
H: No. What is a Webelo???
E: I don't know. I don't even think it's an animal.
H: What?
E: I think someone told me once that it stands for "we be loyal scouts."
H: Really? It's not even an animal?

Google's Webelos. Should we be nervous?

p.s. E is going to make a great Den Leader. He is an expert at building fires and can tie a knot like nobody's bid-ness. Now...that is hot! I love my Eagle Scout!!

p.s.s. Does anyone know what Webelos are? Why isn't it an animal like all the rest?


sheena said...

where on earth is that scout troop from? I think that right there pretty much sums up what a webelo is?

SBAM said...

I have that question every time we talk about scouts in our Primary Pres meetings. Having never been around Scouts, I have no idea how it all works. Looks like a fun group of Webelos, whatever they are!

banananutmeg said...

hey I think that's my cub scout group!
just kidding. Seriously. Cub Scouts. I have so many things to say. Good for Eric...he will probably be OH so much more patient than I was. Getting the Pocket Knife badge was...interesting. So was GUN safety.
Tell him to buy his shirt on ebay. If you are near DI, they always have them on the racks there.

Start practicing fancy new ways to clap. Did you know they do this in cubsouts? Look it up online, I bet there are some GREAT youtube videos from pack meeting. Also be sure to check out the creepy blue and gold banquet skit. The best part about this calling is that you can still go to your meetings at church, it's really nice.

mjs ashworth said...

That picture is HILARIOUS!! I love it. Yah 50$ is a total rip off for a shirt, even a super cute one, thats not tan with a flag on it!!

Sally said...

Yeah, um, Darren had that calling for a little while. He and scouting don't compliment each other so well. Eric will do a great job!

Annie Hyde said...

WEBELOS: Acronym
Definition: We'll Be Loyal Scouts (used since late 1960s; Boy Scouts of America)

I got this off an online dictionary. I am over scouts (in primary) so I was sort of interested to know what it meant. Look like Eric's memory was spot on!
Congratulations, Eric!

Lori said...

Ugh. Scouts. Webelos was not my favorite calling in the church. :)

Taylor Tree said...

he will do SOOOOOO good!
i can't wait for some of his stories

grandpa said...

Where did sheena get that picture?

Eric also knows lots of tricks with a lighter and dollar bills, he will keep them entertained for hours with just those two items.

Garrison Propaganda said...

those scouts are some lucky kids! all though their parents might fear their children being left in the hands of a pyro. whats cooler than that in a weeblos eyes?

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