A Good Girl


I took Blondie for her first cut last week. Up until then I had just done it.

If you know my oldest, you know that she is very cautious and fearful. She doesn't jump off furniture and she always holds my hand. She won't even stand on the scale at the doctor's office. At her 2 year appt she had to sit in the baby scale and even then she cried and cried.

When Jesica asked her to stand in the chair at her haircut, I thought No way. She won't. I was so surprised when she held her hand and stood up. Then she gripped my finger tight - really really tight - and stood still the whole time. I even brought a lollipop for reinforcements, but didn't need it.

In the car she said, "Oh Mommy, I look so pretty now."


nicwoo said...

Well, us girls know there's usually pain and fear enmeshed in the quest for beauty! Cute story, pictures, and etc. All the little details of this blog remind me of just how creative and artistic you are :) .

PS Susan Acchura is a couple of years older than you, I believe, and a friend of a home-town cousin. She knows your fam, not sure if she has always been a Member... dunno if that rings any bells. But she has moved out of our ward up here for about 6 mos.
Take Care, Gardiners!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

So brace for little Miss Ava! Very impressed and can't wait to see the new "do."

Taylor Tree said...

i love her timidness.i hope cam has some of that. lets see some pics of the hair

Tiffany said...

So cute. Love this girl. Is she wearing a pauncho??

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