Bed Play


Isn't bed play the best?


Without fail my girls beg to get on my bed first thing in the morning after it is made. It can be a little frustrating to see my perfectly made bed destroyed, but I can't resist their pleading. The reward is the satisfaction that follows after their heads hit the pillows and they bounce with delight.


I usually join them and relish in the snuggles - getting whiffs of their freshly washed hair and nuzzling their soft skin. They giggle with delight, kick their feet, and scamper away.
Can't I keep them this way forever?


browniepatch said...

I love your girls, they're so adorable!

sheena said...

yes....same thing every morning....I love it! and I love your painting!

Taylor Tree said...

ditto sheena

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

So cute! I love when my kids want to get on my bed. We usually do the same thing before bed too. I wonder what the allure is to our kids to want to jump and play on our bed as opposed to theirs? Hmmm....

Shar said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My reaction time is like, a week or something.

I love your etsy shop. You are so talented. I've seen you on Sheena's and Erica's blogs. Your stuff is so cute!

Scorpions. Scary! We had them when we lived in Roswell. Not a fan.

Your kids and blog are so cute! I'll be stopping back by for sure!

Danny said...

your blog is awesome. very cool. i feel like a lurker, but hey, your tracking all the moves we make on site meter anyway. anyways... nice blog.

grandpa said...

This sounds just the way Suzanne talked when she used to nuzzle Eric. Just the same!

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love cuddling in bed...id just prefer it if kids would do it before its made. theres something too tempting about diving into the mass of pillows.

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