(the ones in quotes are her answers)

Age: 3 in 2 months

Nicknames: Blondie, Hollywood, Sue

Favorite activities: I just asked her and she proceeded to lick her hand, but she really likes to color, paint, and play in the sand

Favorite foods: "Choc-ate"

Least favorite foods: "Beans"

Favorite music: "Cinderella"

Favorite toys: "Bunny"

Favorite book: Kitten's First Full Moon, Rainbow Fish, and "pumpkin books" right now

Favorite item of clothing: Dresses, particularly her dress-ups


What makes her happy: "Sissy"

What makes her sad: "Beans"


browniepatch said...

O.... I love the chocolate pics!!

Sally Wright said...

Yay, Livi made today's post! I love this picture with gm in it.

d said...

Those pictures should be in a magazine. So cute!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Love those pictures and what's up with the whole "beans" thing. She is too funny!

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