We just found her bed on Craigslist yesterday. Hooray!


Bed Play


Isn't bed play the best?


Without fail my girls beg to get on my bed first thing in the morning after it is made. It can be a little frustrating to see my perfectly made bed destroyed, but I can't resist their pleading. The reward is the satisfaction that follows after their heads hit the pillows and they bounce with delight.


I usually join them and relish in the snuggles - getting whiffs of their freshly washed hair and nuzzling their soft skin. They giggle with delight, kick their feet, and scamper away.
Can't I keep them this way forever?


I Want to Wear Jeans

Ah, Summer. It may be over for you, but we are still at 105. That's right 105.
Say it again? 105.

But you, my friends, (most of you) are experiencing fall. I'm sure that the leaves are turning and the air is brisk in the mornings and evenings. You are layering your shirts and pulling out your jeans. Oh, I miss you fall! All of your hot cocoa and quilt cuddling goodness!

Although I am jealous now, I'm sure that most of you will be very jealous of us in a matter of months when the frost is biting your nose, your windshields are iced over, and you have constant hat head.

Think of me then...and come visit us where the sun shines and we make lovely fruit smoothies year round.

Clothing is optional

Smoothies by H:

Fill blender half way with Vanilla Soymilk
2 Huge dollops of honey
Start blending
Add frozen berries little by little to desired consistency
And gulp it up!!

Night-Mare Recap

Hey Easy E - Remember how we went to bed last night at 10pm? It was rare and awesome. I loved it.

Oh, but remember how Bear woke at 11:30? Screaming. Molars coming in. Her temp was 102.

I doubled up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen (did you know you can do that? it kicks the crap out of a bad fever.)

I tried to leave her - she screamed.

I laid down on her floor and had my hand in hers through the crib bars and I thought of scorpions. And how they were going to poison me by the dozen if I stayed there all night. Like the big one we captured the 2 days ago. I'm sure I'm on his buddy's hit list:

I moved and she...screamed.

Manage to fall asleep until 2:30. I woke to leave and...she screamed.

This is when she ended up on our bed. Kicking you in the face all night - I'm sorry. I thought we did great with her there.

5:30am. Ava: "Mommy, I want milk. Daddy, milk please." "No. Go back to bed"

She cried and I got her milk.

7am - We're all up.

Groggy. Sad. Cranky.

I'm hoping that tonight will be better, but not counting on it.


For now, I'm enjoying naptime.


The Leader of the Pack


H: How was your meeting?
E: I have to buy a shirt. It's $50!
H: What? Holy cow! Are you serious? What is a Webelo anyway?
E: Umm, I think its what you are between a Bear and a..
H: No. What is a Webelo???
E: I don't know. I don't even think it's an animal.
H: What?
E: I think someone told me once that it stands for "we be loyal scouts."
H: Really? It's not even an animal?

Google's Webelos. Should we be nervous?

p.s. E is going to make a great Den Leader. He is an expert at building fires and can tie a knot like nobody's bid-ness. Now...that is hot! I love my Eagle Scout!!

p.s.s. Does anyone know what Webelos are? Why isn't it an animal like all the rest?


The Right Part of Town

We went treasure hunting last weekend. Easy and I are like hawks in a thrift store. Dishes. Electronics. Furniture. Crazy decor. Outdoor Area. Collectibles. And we are done. I take a little longer cruising through the womens clothing, fabric and, yeah it's gross, but shoes too.

It has changed in taking the girls though. Mae wants down. Squirming. Screaming. Kicking. I'm freaking about germs. My hawk eyes are on Blondie and she clenches my fingers.

Phoenix is big. 4 million big. Yeah, I never think it's that big, but it is. There is ghetto. At the Goodwill I'm in line feeling the grime on my finger tips. Wanting to reach for the Purell in my bag, but not wanting to look like a total prude. I then really notice what is taking so long. The place is swamped. It is 50% off day and I'm watching the extremely thorough girl at the register.

She inspects each price tag.

She inspects each bill given to her by holding it into the light.

She scans each cart with her eyes before pressing "total".

She holds my ID and credit card for a good minute's examination before staring into my eyes and looking back at my license before swiping it through the machine.

This place has been scammed one too many times. It's almost worse that airport security.

As I'm leaving I pass a large bearded man (in a really tiny shirt and filthy holy pants). He yells over to his lady "Gotta git me a beer." It was noon.

Hold my breath. Kick open the door. Find the Purell.

Always in search of these bad boys.

The new addition to Blondie's room. It will be candy apple red by the end of the day.

Are You Ready for This?




Poppy Giveaway!

Over here:


Flowing Arteries

I grew up in the country. You know with cows, pigs, chickens, horses, but no goats. Goats are gross. We ate a lot of meat and a lot of potatoes.

I still don't know a woman that can cook as good as my mother. Her steaks are perfect and her roasts divine. That's where I got it from - my love of cooking. From my mother. I didn't even know that I loved it though, until I was married and broke out my very first cook book.


It was different when I really started cooking though, because I married a boy from California who's father is a strict vegetarian -- the result of losing his wife to cancer. How can you make a meal without meat? I had no clue. But somehow, for the first few years of our marriage we managed to eat very little meat (mostly because we were dirt poor, but also because we wanted clean arteries).


I was clever in my cooking and now we have many vegetarian recipes that I can dazzle my father-in-law with -- when he comes to stay with us.

This is one of his favorites and mine too:

California (how appropriate) Black Bean Burgers
These are SO easy!

1 15oz can black bean with cumin spices (i just add some chili powder)
1 4oz can chopped green chilies
1 cup plain dry bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
1/4 c yellow cornmeal
Then: Buns, Mayo, Lettuce, Salsa

Slightly mash undrained beans in food processor (or use elbow grease). Remove and and mix with chilies, bread crumbs, and egg in bowl. Shape into patties, sprinkle cornmeal on them and heat in olive oiled skillet over medium heat for 10-15min. Turning once until crisp.

Look down at sad baby that wants to be held:

Convince toddler that the beans are chocolate:

You can't tell me that that doesn't look so freaking good!




(the ones in quotes are her answers)

Age: 3 in 2 months

Nicknames: Blondie, Hollywood, Sue

Favorite activities: I just asked her and she proceeded to lick her hand, but she really likes to color, paint, and play in the sand

Favorite foods: "Choc-ate"

Least favorite foods: "Beans"

Favorite music: "Cinderella"

Favorite toys: "Bunny"

Favorite book: Kitten's First Full Moon, Rainbow Fish, and "pumpkin books" right now

Favorite item of clothing: Dresses, particularly her dress-ups


What makes her happy: "Sissy"

What makes her sad: "Beans"


Notes to E

We used to write notes to each other. I miss that. Lately my notes just consist of a torn piece of paper thrown on a pile of work clothes that says, "please pick me up".

Easy E,

I'm hoping I can get the house clean in the next few hours so when you get here everything will be cozy and smell lovely. I know it's 4:30pm. I should have done that already and I probably shouldn't be on the computer blogging, but the girls and I all just woke up from some great naps and I'm still trying to re-orient myself. When I woke up I had no idea what time it was or where I was. I actually thought that it was morning and you had just shuffled out for work - forgetting to kiss me goodbye and letting me sleep while the girls still were. I don't know why I was so tired today. I was so nice to sleep though. Good thing we are having left-overs tonight.

We went to the Wright's today and Sally and I had Thai food by take-out. It's been a while since we have done that and we can't pass it up when we talk and remember how yummy it is. She is kind to let us bombard her house with the girls last minute. Blondie can't get enough of Livi and they both felt so cool wearing their big-girl panties. As soon as we came through the door they were showing each other which pair they had on. Sis loved running around their house following after Mason. We caught them giggling in the other room together a few times. No worries Dad, they were just being cute together.

I love you. See you soon.


p.s. can you pick up some milk? oh, and some tortillas? the raw kind. they are by the cookie-dough logs at Frys.

A Good Girl


I took Blondie for her first cut last week. Up until then I had just done it.

If you know my oldest, you know that she is very cautious and fearful. She doesn't jump off furniture and she always holds my hand. She won't even stand on the scale at the doctor's office. At her 2 year appt she had to sit in the baby scale and even then she cried and cried.

When Jesica asked her to stand in the chair at her haircut, I thought No way. She won't. I was so surprised when she held her hand and stood up. Then she gripped my finger tight - really really tight - and stood still the whole time. I even brought a lollipop for reinforcements, but didn't need it.

In the car she said, "Oh Mommy, I look so pretty now."


Poor Day for Miss Mae

The girls love to play outside even when it's 105 out.

On our 8x8 foot patio surrounded by a huge rock yard:


The other day, it ended up like this:


After this:



At dinner clean up she got this:


No wonder she runs to Mommy for extra love and comfort.


Happy Day

Photobucket Image Hosting
The 11th is PoppySeeds first anniversary-birthday-whatever-you-call-it.

Everything has free shipping all freakin day.

Pretty cool!


Oh Honey!

Every Sunday on our way to church we pass by the Honey and Jerky Man at JackAss Acres. It's always tempting to stop and take a sample of his goods. This week we couldn't take it and we had to stop. If you are in our ward than, yes, it was my husband in his slacks and tie standing outside the Honey Shack after church. You didn't see me though! I was trying to hide in the front seat of the car. You won't catch me breaking the Sabbath like that.

I'm not the biggest honey fan, but this stuff is divine. We have drunk the entire bottle. It's so dark and so rich. Best of all it has this woody aftertaste that lingers.


So, here's to you Honeyman!

oh honey

And more satisfied tummies.


First Fish


What's with Today?

8:00 Eat and feed Mae - Blondie refuses her granola for 15min until she actually tries it.

8:30 Get myself and girls ready to go to story time and load up.

9:00 Yay! We are early to the Library. We are definitely going to be in the front.

9:30 Wait. The sign says that a new session doesn't start until next week. Ugh. Chase Mae around the library and load up again.

9:45 Get all PoppySeeds orders packaged and label to ship. Wahoo! Things are looking good,
until I send Blondie to her room 3x for hitting GM in the head with a Matchbox car. GM also gets a time out for antagonizing her.

10:30 Feed girls a snack and get ready for Yoga.

10:55 Drop girls off at the Kid Zone and head to class. Man, I really need this class today. Take a few deep breaths.

11:05 Roll out my mat, help turn down the fans, and punch my card.

11:10 "Attention residents and guests will Mrs Gardiner please report to the Kid Zone." Oh, huh? That's me! Probably just a diaper change.

11:15 Mae is freaking out. The lady holding her looks exasperated. Is this a joke? Her face is blotchy and her screams only calm down when she is put in my arms.

11:20 We head back home. Mae goes right to bed. Blondie refuses to put a pull-up on for nap time. She wants to wear her panties, but refuses to go to the potty before her nap. I force the
pull-up on and shut the door. She screams for water - I get it.

11:45 It's quiet. The house is destroyed. I'm irritated that I missed my class - my time to take
care of myself - to let it all go. I guess I'll be cleaning my frustrations out for he next 2 hours and then I'll read my book....hopefully.


Taking Some Time

Phew. We have been so busy lately. I'm glad to have things slow down a little and really enjoy just being a mom. That's all. Just a mom.

Sure, there are times when wonder what life would be like if I had chose to pursue a career, put off marriage, travel the world, but to be completely honest - I don't know that doing those things would have made me this happy. So I am sitting here with laundry to put away, dishes to stack, and desperately needing a shower, but I'm perfectly content with that.

gm and blondie

My Blondie - So sweet and considerate. Promptly saying please and thank you. My favorite is when she tells me “welcome.” I think that she is more polite than I am at times. It makes me feel like we have taught her well. Usually before she goes to sleep at night, I crawl into her bed and we talk. I love this time that we share together. We talk about the day and our adventures that we have had. I ask her what we should do the next day and she (without fail) replies, “I just want to play with you Mama.” When she was born my father-in-law explained to me that I will be her best friend. He would say, “She’s off to find her best friend.” Then she would crawl over to me with a huge grin on her face. I am so grateful for her unconditional love and am so flattered that she wants nothing more than to play with me. She is always finding something unusual to play with and manipulate. She has done this since she was tiny. A string, ribbon, tape, straw, a box, a wipe, or her fingers, will entertain her, (without fail) for upwards to an hour at a time. It makes me think she’ll be some sort of a scientist.

MaeMae - My Little Bear. She is quite the firecracker. Hot and cold. One minute she is wide-mouthed kissing me and the next she is pushing me away. She won’t take no for an answer and leaves me feeling incredibly guilty and wanting to give her the world. I love her loud calls from her crib and how she jumps up and down when I am seen in the doorway after her nap. She lays her head on my shoulder just long enough to say “thanks mom” then she is wanting down and is off, unsteadily speed-walking down the hall until I catch her for the diaper change, which she fights with every ounce of strength that she possesses. When Eric comes home she beams. Her little body cannot contain her smiles and she fights her legs to go faster to reach him. When she wants her “Mama” she rushes over to me and plants herself at my feet. She grabs both my legs, gazes up with desperation, and grunts and growls until I give into her. She is so relieved when I pick her up for a quick kiss or to share my ice-water with her. She smacks her lips and wiggles her legs for more. I feel like this little baby has grown so fast. She is walking, expressing her desires, and loves to carry things around her neck and over her shoulder. She is always up to something, or into something she shouldn’t be; pulling toilet paper off the roll, playing in the toilet, or ripping off her diaper. Oh, but sometimes at night she will lay in my arms and let me snuggle and kiss her sweet forehead. She looks huge there - as I stare down at her legs dangling off the edge of the chair. I want nothing more in these moments but to smell her sweet skin and hold her tight forever.
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