Weekend Trips and Tips

Since we moved to Arizona 2.5 years ago we have tried to visit most of the states historical sites. Well, E has and I have tagged along. Last weekend we visited the southern part of the state and went to Tombstone as well as Kartchner Caverns.

Tombstone was a dud. Another old town that is trying it's best to suck every penny out of visiting tourists. Like Virginia City, but hotter and like Jerome, but not as crazy (no homes falling off steep cliffs.) A carriage ride was $10 per person. To visit the Bird Cage Theatre was another $10 per person and another $10 for the gun fight. The thing that really topped it off was that I forgot my camera, so we have no documentation of the suck-y-ness of Tombstone. The best part was we shared a Sasparilla for only $1 and had a decent dinner.
The most anticipated part of our trip was Kartchner Caverns one of the few pristine caves in existence. It was a pretty surreal experience as we walked through 2 sets of air vaulted doors and under a misting system before entering. It felt like we were literally going to be see a buried treasure. Which we later realized that we in fact had. Unfortunately though, I had to struggle with a wiggly, tired, cranky, and sweaty baby (the cave has like 89% humidity) so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I'd have liked to. It's a place that I'd like to go back to again and again. Without babies though and with reservations. Oh, and if you touch anything in the cave they have to mark it for the cleaning crew to come and disinfect it.

We stayed Friday night in a cheap hotel. Mae and I started in one bed with E and Blondie in the other. I grew tired of the kicks to the face, head butts, and Miss Mae standing up at any given hour to clap her hands, so The Man took over. About fifteen minutes later he comes over to the other bed and the baby finally falls asleep. Alone. All by herself in a great big bed. We didn't care at that point and were grateful for the few hours of rest before dawn.

To our surprise Southern AZ was very green due to the heavy monsoon rains that preceded our visit. It was nice to be out our our scorching valley and off to cooler weather. Yeah, the south was a bit cooler.


mr and mrs carlson said...

reading the part about sleeping with babies and mae clapping was hilarious! your trips sound like a lot of fun!

Col said...

Born and raised in Arizona and I have never been to Tombstone... now I know why.

Taylor Tree said...

i wish you'd invited us!! i've been trying to get jeff to take me to the cave ever since eric was talking about it. now we have to go for sure. may-be we'll wait until it cools a bit though.

Jenni said...

Totally agree with you about Tombstone. The only good thing that came out of that was some good licorice at the candy store.

I liked Old Tucson a million times better....but then...I'm a John Wayne fan.

We never made it to the caves. Bummer.

Garrison Propaganda said...

mmmm the sarsaparilla looked yummy! sounds like they were pretty strict in the cage, and maybe you didnt enjoy it as much as you could with a squirmy kid--but it sounded like fun. ugh, i hate sleeping anywhere without a cage, i mean crib, for mercer. we never leave home without a pack n play or we know well never sleep. what is it with babies and no boundaries around their sleeping quarters?!? they go crazy!

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