Time Away

It's a strange feeling to leave your kids and "go away" and I guess I didn't fully understand the value in it. After all, we have pretty well behaved kids and they are easy to take with us. It's just what we do as parents. Right? We take our kids with us...everywhere. Well, if it weren't for my generous father-in-law I guess it wouldn't have happened, but he had me pick a date to leave the kids with them, so that Mr Gardiner and I could have the weekend together. That's right. Just us, without two little creatures to occupy our thoughts, time, and energy for the first time in 3 years.

To say the least...WE were ecstatic.

They were too. This was taken right before we left for home, after church, and before nap time. You understand.

I picked a little place on the Central California Coast that neither the man or I had been to.
Did I mention it was only 65 degrees there?

Cambria is where the "pines meet the sea." I don't believe I'll ever see a place quite like it. Much of the time we felt like a couple of locals just doing what we love, hiking, walking the beach, sightseeing, observing wildlife, kayaking, and eating fresh food. Plus, the town is anything but a crowded tourist trap which is what we really loved about it.

On our way up the coast we stopped at the Madonna Inn for lunch. Much like Vegas, only a little more... umm...pink!

Bauer's Guilded Nest
The B&B Homestay where we slept.

Nit Wit Ridge
crazy old man = condemned crazy old house

Hearst Castle

Lazy Elephant Seals.
I believe the huge one on the far right is trying to give us the finger.

San Simeon Bay where we went kayaking

Strawberry Canyon

Eric's nice legs

Yes, I caught an innocent little crab and ripped a starfish off a rock.
Dude, I was on vacation and living it up!

E is trying to convince me to stay put while this wave is about to pumble me.

Can I go back...

Kent and Deb asked if we'll go again next year.
I'm not sure we can wait that long.

Mi Amor.


carrs in tally said...

lucky! i'm so glad you got to have such a cool weekend date. but you should of come to florida for hurricane fay- lol!

bg said...

Good for you two. Looks beautiful there, glad you had a great time.

Brent & Holly

Jenni said...

And you didn't miss the kids ONE BIT, I'll bet. I never do. :-)

Looks like an awesome place to visit.

Tiffany said...

What a fun trip. I'm just sad I didn't get the invite. . .
you guys look like honeymooners!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a great time. I think the last time we took a trip without our kids was ... before we had kids. Yikes! We definitely need to get on board with traveling solo. I finally have hit my point this last year where I am itching to take a vacation just Kelly and I. For now, I'll just dream.

Young Family said...

Jealous. I am totally going to have to convince Ashel that we need to do that!

Hey email me and I will add you to my blog


SBAM said...

That looks like so much fun! How nice of your in-laws to take the kids so you could get away! I find it nice to be able to miss my kids once in awhile. It makes me appreciate them more!

ScottandKarenHyde said...

Those are the best kind of vacations!
That place looks beautiful. I bet the cool weather was a nice break from the Arizona heat, this coming from a Seattle girl.

Taylor Tree said...

it makes me smile too.

mr and mrs carlson said...

you guys look great and i'm glad you had so much fun... and well deserved!

sheena said...

so so fun!!! can you believe how easy it is to jut get up and do something without having to get someone ready!!

love your haircut:)

Jason and Tiffany said...

um, can we borrow your father-in-law? We Soooo want to do that!! That place is gorgeous and how wonderful to get a little time for you two... its always needed.

Garrison Propaganda said...

*sigh* youve made me wish i lived closer to family so anthony and i could take one of these exciting adventures together. sounds like you picked the perfect new spot for you and eric to explore. love all the pictures! your hair looks great and you look awesome! good luck holding off for another year! wouldnt it be nice to do every month?!?

Amber said...

oh honey!

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