Little Miss Mae

I just became aware of a little thing called Adobe Exchange. If you happen to be a PS lover, you should check it out. There are oodles of fun downloads available.
I used a brush set called Paper Damage on this one of Mae. I still know very little about PS, but am loving anything new and fun to try.


mr and mrs carlson said...

cool... we love that baby!
p.s. dude, I'm totally taking nora to the cantaloupe festival next weekend

sheena said...

she is so so so so so cute.

and this was a brush....not an overlay.....so so cool!

Taylor Tree said...

very cool.
ps i'm totally grossed out over your nasty stump saving tactics.

Jason and Tiffany said...

I am still trying to learn PS, so eventually I get there... That pic is soooo awesome!!

Garrison Propaganda said...

your experimenting sounds interesting, and looks great.

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