Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon!
It's kinda funny. We have been to the most random places in Arizona, but not the Grand Canyon until Saturday.

We stayed in Flagstaff on Friday night after visiting some Indian ruins in Northern AZ. Once you have seen one ruin you have seen them all, but the Wupatki Ruins are among the best.

Flagstaff is pretty hip, minus one crazy lady that tried to run us off the road while cackling, throwing her head back, and flipping me off.
I was only trying to tell her the light was green and this really is what she looked like.

gc 2008

The Grand Canyon is pretty overwhelming and breathtaking. It was pretty hard to wrap my head around it. I felt like I was staring at a huge canvas painting. Like I could reach out and touch it.
The day was overcast with a little rain which made it nice. Easy E is hiking down into Havasupai this fall and I am totally jealous. I think the best way to really experience the GC is to hike it. I'm sure it's like nothing else.

ham aug 2008

We found flowers. Lots.


Amber said...

I love reading you.

smith scratch said...

Wow! We never got a chance to go up there... it is amazing looking. It's great that you guys get so much family/traveling time. I think if I had a Volvo like yours, it might make family trips a little more bearable. :]
If you ever make it to the bay area, give us a call.


Garrison Propaganda said...

i love all the trips you guys get to take and tell us about. the ruins sound so awesome. the first and the last picture are great by the way! mae has sooooo much hair! sorry to hear about the crazy lady who has access to a car. scary!

Taylor Tree said...


Taylor Tree said...

can i be you?

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I agree with Alisha! My life looks kinda dull in comparison to yours! But hey, we were in the parade today- pretty cool, I know! Anyway, we miss you guys, and those pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

AHEM said...

Oh the photos are so deceiving. I didn't mention another hotel stay from hell, the $$ bad dinner at the GC, and how absolutely terrified of the car my kids are. Whenever I put GM in her seat she freaks.

I'm so ready for sometime in the slow lane.

Lewieville said...

I just wish we had more things to do, but I guess life needs to slow down a little first... does that ever happen?

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Love the family picture!
Um... don't tell, but I have lived in Arizona since I was 5 and I have never been to the Grand Canyon. Shhh... I actually have a theory that if you don't go there within the first few years of living here (usually 2-3) you never do. Whenever we had time for a vacation we just wanted out of the state so we always went to California. It looks beautiful though and I'm happy I can live vicariously through you and your family travels through the state. Thanks

Annie Hyde said...

I like your hair. And that flower picture...well, wow, it would make a beautiful painting.

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