Down and Dirty in Nevada

There is a lot of dirt in Nevada and yes, things got pretty messy during our little vacation.

Here is Mae after throughly enjoying her birthday cupcakes

and all the mud Lake Lahontan has to offer.

Getting buried alive,

digging in Grandma's flower bed,

and washing up for dinner,

only to get down and dirty with some Guitar Hero.


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

oh yes, we're all about getting down and dirty! Eliza's looking at the computer with me right now and as soon as she saw Ava shouted excitedly- "Ava momma!" We loved playing with you guys!

Taylor Tree said...

i've always hated gutiar hero until i saw this pic. i love ava and her tounge!

Annie Hyde said...

You do up your girls' hair so cute. Sophie and Mae have same old navy swim suit. Your blogs are very interesting and fun to read, as usual. I haven't been here for a while I am a bit out of touch. I LOVE the three tree shirt! SOOOOO cute!!! You keep on keepin on! It is such a busy time of year.

Lewieville said...

So cute! i am still really sad that we missed it all!

Garrison Propaganda said...

such great pictures, man you guys know how to have fun! nothing beats cake and being buried alive!

Amber said...

this is my favorite of all your collection of pictures...you capture it all so well. i know we have the same camera, tell me your magic program i know i would love working with my photos. love you! am

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