Never a Dull Moment

I love summertime. Yes, even when it is 110 degrees outside.

Easy E's job allows him to have half-days Fridays from Mem. Day to Labor Day, so every weekend we try to plan something fun, as you may have noticed in reading The Dirt.

This weekend Aly and her girls came for a night. With 6 girls here, there was quite a bit of estrogen in the house so Eric kept to himself and just let us be. He even watched the 2 babies on Saturday morning so Aly and I could go to Yoga together.

We loved playing and hope to see them again soon.

Blondie adored baby Cam and was incredibly sweet to her. She got excited whenever I held the baby and would come over to get a better look. I don't think she remembers MaeMae being so tiny.

Here are the old-timers after our class and looking a little grimy. I don't believe it putting unflattering photos of myself or others up on the internet, but this is all we could get.

I can't believe that Aly and I have been close friends for like 13 years. When we hang out I feel like a high-schooler again and we pretty much act like it too.
No wonder why E gave us our space.


Lewieville said...

Eric was smart to give you space, good man! But I am so jealous because I want to be there!! Maybe we will visit sometime soon.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Garrison Propaganda said...

thats got to be nice having eric home more frequently. ugh, im not jealous about your heat. ick! no doubt id melt. sounds like you had lots of fun with your friend visiting, her girls, and yoga class!

Taylor Tree said...

i miss you already!!
it is really cool that we've been buds for so long and now we still hang-out.
...can't type anymore. my shoulders are hurting from yoga.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Even grimy, you guys still look great. Sounds like you had the perfect girls weekend. Those are always fun and much deserved.

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