Conversing with The Oldest

Me: Blondie...why is your hair so...crusty???

Ava: Oh, I just put my milk in my hair.

Me: Why did you put your milk in your hair?

Ava: Umm...because it's so yucky.

And I left it at that. I could just imagine her carefully applying the milk from her cereal bowl to each lock then tediously twisting it around.
I'm hoping this doesn't become a daily ritual.


Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Well, know I am curious and want to see this crusty concoction she has made with her hair!
I feel like this is a conversation Grace would have with me if she could have a conversation. Every meal it's a disaster and always, always all over her hair. Gross.

AHEM said...

this afternoon we were having a snack.

she asked me, "can i put this yogurt in my hair, mom?"

guess she didn't pick up on my disappointment this morning.

Lewieville said...

I am laughing so hard right now! That is so funny. I can't believe how similar our lives are, it really creeps me out sometimes, jessalyn did somehting similar yesterday with pudding, it didn't blend in so well though!

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