She's Feisty, But I Had It Coming

It was a hard day for my baby. After going to her one year well check (complete with all the measuring, prodding, and poking a baby can handle) she had to endure the day with sore arms and legs...

and after tonight a very sore head.

Not only did I hit her in the head once with the Wii remote, but twice.

The first time it was like a deer in the headlights. Wide eyed with jaw dropped she stared me down for a good 10 seconds. She didn't know what hit her and what to do about it. Of course, I was in shock too. And what do I do when I'm in shock? I laugh. Then, I feel incredibly guilty for both laughing and whacking her upside the head.

The second time she let me have it with all sorts of screaming, teary eyes, and retaliation and boy does she know how to get someone back. I should know better than to cross her twice in 5 minutes. I seriously have battle wounds from her attack in church on Sunday - scratches on my neck and eye.Blondie has been living in fear of her and I am starting to as well.

Yes, we have a bully in our house and she only weighs 19lbs.


Memory Tag

I've seen the memory tag floating around and have had fun leaving my memories on friends' blogs. So, I want it to be my turn.

It doesn't matter if you really know me or not.

Hey, you could just mention how that one time I said something really funny and you couldn't stop laughing. How you think about it all the time and are like, "Man, that girl, she is a funny one!"

Please, don't embarrass me too badly!

Yeah, I was never a big fan of sitting on Santa's lap. Good thing I had Traci by my side.
And why does this Santa look like he's 30???


Down and Dirty in Nevada

There is a lot of dirt in Nevada and yes, things got pretty messy during our little vacation.

Here is Mae after throughly enjoying her birthday cupcakes

and all the mud Lake Lahontan has to offer.

Getting buried alive,

digging in Grandma's flower bed,

and washing up for dinner,

only to get down and dirty with some Guitar Hero.


this ONE

Here we are. I can't believe it has been a year since the birth of my sweet baby.

Mae is such a joy to us. She since day one we have called her, This One, Baby, Miss Mae, MaeMae, Sister, Sissy, Sister Bear, and just Bear (she growls a lot. I mean, really, growls.)
Poor girl, I think that she has finally learned to respond to all of the above.

Here are Bear's favorite things:
Eating. Anything. Especially it is found on the floor and has been there for at least 6hrs.
Carrying around Blondie's panties.
Baths. She takes up the whole tub. Splashing, standing, slipping, eating soap.
The computer mouse. I find it in the strangest places.
Playing with Blondie when it is allowed.
Her binky.
Snuggling up to Mom or Dad before bed.
Pretending anything is a phone. Yes, even the panties.

Her actual birthday isn't until the 19th, but I wanted to get this up.

Happy First MaeMae!


Conversing with The Oldest

Me: Blondie...why is your hair so...crusty???

Ava: Oh, I just put my milk in my hair.

Me: Why did you put your milk in your hair?

Ava: Umm...because it's so yucky.

And I left it at that. I could just imagine her carefully applying the milk from her cereal bowl to each lock then tediously twisting it around.
I'm hoping this doesn't become a daily ritual.



From day one I have thought that Miss Mae looked exactly like her dada.

Well, here is my proof. (Mr Easy E is the little one)

It's kinda scary, right?


Never a Dull Moment

I love summertime. Yes, even when it is 110 degrees outside.

Easy E's job allows him to have half-days Fridays from Mem. Day to Labor Day, so every weekend we try to plan something fun, as you may have noticed in reading The Dirt.

This weekend Aly and her girls came for a night. With 6 girls here, there was quite a bit of estrogen in the house so Eric kept to himself and just let us be. He even watched the 2 babies on Saturday morning so Aly and I could go to Yoga together.

We loved playing and hope to see them again soon.

Blondie adored baby Cam and was incredibly sweet to her. She got excited whenever I held the baby and would come over to get a better look. I don't think she remembers MaeMae being so tiny.

Here are the old-timers after our class and looking a little grimy. I don't believe it putting unflattering photos of myself or others up on the internet, but this is all we could get.

I can't believe that Aly and I have been close friends for like 13 years. When we hang out I feel like a high-schooler again and we pretty much act like it too.
No wonder why E gave us our space.



California Top Ten

(in no particular order)10. Getting all the attention we want

9. Napping anytime anywhere

8. Sandy bums...

7. And mouths, fingers, legs, etc

6. Sneaking goodies off the kitchen table

5. Story time

4. Getting pushed around

3. Perfecting the new walk

2. Getting reacquainted with old friends

1. Playing with fireworks
and then of course, run away crying that you are scared and watch from the window in Grandma's arms


First Steps

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday nights I'm a complete zombie in front of the TV and this is why.
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