To the Rescue...Again

Today we had a ward field trip to the fire station and since The Man was home sick with Mae, Blondie and I got to go on our own.

In true fashion, she was sure to not get too close.

They all loved it,

but I needed some attention too. So, I pulled out my old trick and had the firemen retrieve my keys from my locked car.

It's a little embarrassing when that happens 2x in one year.

FYI I am totally convinced that a Volvo is the hardest car to possibly break into (without shattering or breaking anything) just in case you are in the market for a theft-proof car or are considering taking mine.


Lewieville said...

haha that is so funny that you locked your keys in the car AGAIN! Hey at least there wasn't a poopy baby locked in the car with them this time right?!

Jenni said...

The things you have to do in order to watch firemen at work...

Probably a better option that actually starting a fire.

Colman said...

Great Pictures! And what a sharp looking car!

Garrison Propaganda said...

wonderful pictures. is the fireman reading a manual on how to break into your car? hilarious! true, at lest no screaming baby was in the car this time. that would have been a bit more stressful.

Tiffany said...

again!! I love it. You love your firemen don't you?! I agree we need to see each other. Maybe you can lock your keys in your car, then I'll come save you, then we can call the firemen together!

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