Of Babies and Bathing Suits

I felt so lucky last week to be able to go snuggle and take some pictures of the Taylor's new little baby Cam. Although I loved holding her and smelling her sweet new baby skin the good news is that afterwards I was happy to give her back to her mom and didn't feel the least bit baby hungry.

BLOndie loved playing with Jillian. It's good for her to be around her friends that are a bit more rowdy than her. It's like she gets the internal "okay" that she can be loud and silly. After playing with Jill in her pool we decided to empty the sand from her's and get it ready for some water fun. This should make Sis happy. She has been dying to dig in the sand with Blondie, but I just won't let her. I know what you may be thinking "The girl has already eaten a cockroach, so little sand won't hurt." The problem with sand though, is that it gets everywhere and little babies have a lot of creases! I'm much more happy to let her play in the 6" pool.


Taylor Tree said...

i love all the pictures. you are so talented. i like jill to hangout with her mellow friends (aka ava) to help her chill out a bit :).

Garrison Propaganda said...

yick--im a sand hater too. nasty cat hot spots for pee. and it does always end up stuck in every hair follicle and fat fold. hate the stuff. much more of a water fan myself. cute pictures.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I love water fun! Beautiful baby shot! Guess what- there is a chance we won't be making it to the family reunion after all- Mikey- the guy Matt works with is getting baptized, and he asked Matt to baptize him- anyway, so we will most likely be staying here that weekend. We will be so sad to miss you guys! anyway, glad you are having good times!

mr and mrs carlson said...

no doubt on the icky sand... nora loves to put a handful in her mouth and i swear stuff a handful down her diaper.

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