Mae's Mess

I'd heard of it happening to other moms, but it wouldn't happen to me.

My kids are different.

They would never do such a thing.
It's disgusting and it would just NOT happen.

I heard her wake from her nap.

Oh. She's fine. Just playing. I can finish this chapter.

After a few minutes she's fussing and I go to get her.


The diaper is...wait...

off? and...NO!


I'm still in shock, catching faint smells, and feeling a little more humble.


Lewieville said...

Yep. Been there, done that! It's soooo gross.

Rachel said...

So far I haven't had to deal with that but I'm waiting for my turn. Can't wait!:)

Young Family said...

Yep so not excited for that phase....Good luck!

Jenni said...

Oy! Hope the sheets are white and bleach easily.

Carly said...


smith scratch said...

I remember this happening with Dom. Derek was horrified and wouldn't kiss him for a week. I think I gave him 3 consecutive baths to rid the stench.
Good times!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Haven't had that one yet, but Eliza's had some terrible teething diapers that have run down her legs before I got to them! Sick, sick sick! We have quite the glamorous job as moms!

Sally Wright said...

I swear Mason must have told her about that one! I feel for ya...I really do!

Garrison Propaganda said...

ah yes. welcome to the club.

Taylor Tree said...

it's not that bad...poop from the baby is the best poop around.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

At some point, I think we all have to endure this one. I thought for sure I was in the clear since it didn't happen with Jackson, but then sweet little Grace came and ... you know. Just look at it this way,
poop in the tub - check
poop smeared in the crib - check
you've tackled two big ones now you are ready for whatever else might be thrown at you ... let's just hope it's not poop! :)

Annie Hyde said...

Melia was AWFUL AWFUL at this! HOrRiBLe!! You will get through it. I think. I don't know how I did. She did it off and on for like 10 months. When it would happen a crazy chord would be strummed in my brain very loudly each time and I had to count to ten or else I acted ridiculous.
I am so sorry. Sooo sorry. Hope you have a big bottle of carpet cleaner and lysol! You will get through it!

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