Here We Go

It's been along time since I have seen or done a tag. I sometimes will ignore them (sorry), but right now my kids are sleeping and I'm already procrastinating all of my other duties.

So here goes:

3 joys
1. Fresh flowers
2. When The Man has a little stubble on his face (I've always been a sucker for some scruff)
3. Sleeping in

3 fears
1. Drowning. I love baths, the ocean, boating, and swimming, but I am very hydrophobic.
2. Turning around and Blondie not being there.
3. Mae ripping off her poopy diaper...again.

3 Goals
1. To finally start nursing school and totally excel in it.
2. Be a good housekeeper even though this will never happen.
3. Reach my sales goal at PoppySeeds by Sept 11. (1st anniversary)

3 Current Obsessions
1. Smores in the microwave
2. Vacationing with my family
3. Yoga Class

3 Random Facts
1. A while ago Aly taught my how to perfectly mix a milkshake by hand. Now, I won't have my ice cream any other way.
2. I have very large hands...for a girl. I wouldn't date a guy even if I thought his hands might be smaller than mine. That would just be weird.
3. I usually laugh when I see someone get hurt. I know that this is terrible, but it's just my reflex. I feel terrible afterwards, but I really can't help it. Even when my kids get whacked on the head or trip and fall I have a really hard time not cracking up.

3 People to Tag - I'm picking you because I think there is a chance you will actually do this.
1. Kiersten
2. Sally
3. Mandy S.


Annie Hyde said...

Very cool. I like the new header. Who knows how long it has been since I've been a pretty inactive blogger the past while.
I laugh when even worse things happen. At funerals I just want to grin from ear to ear. And one of my best friends is moving and when we talk about it all I do is grin like its the best news I have heard. Its like that crazy song by barenaked ladies that says "i'm the kind of guy that laughs at funerals." he is the first one I had ever heard admit my same problem until yours...but then you just laugh at bruises and scratches. So you are better than me!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

We just recently discovered smores in the microwave- and I too am now obsessed!

smith scratch said...

I see that I have been tagged, I will get to it during nap-time today... great facts Hayley, I had no idea that you where afraid of drowning. Also, thanks for teaching us how to make smores in the microwave, they are quite a treat.


Markarian's said...

I need your e-mail i made our blog private. Thanks. i love your blog- way cute

Lewieville said...

Okay so now you need to post how to make smores in the microwave! I want to join the crowd!! mmmmm

SBAM said...

Mmmmmm, smores in the microwave. Almost as good as roasting marshmallows over the gas stove. But since I have electric, I think I'm craving a smore right about now!

Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Ok so back at good old RICKS! It was winter and I was running to my truck and I slipped right before I got to the door and fell flat on my back and slid UNDER my truck... were you laughing then:) Or were you even there? I don't remember I think I was kind of knocked out:)But I vaguely remember people laughing... ahhh so much fun! Love all the fun facts about you:0)

mr and mrs carlson said...

hahha!! geeze, i totally laugh/smile at the worst things too!!! i feel so immature but i just can't help myself.

BTW, it was great seeing you guys!!!

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