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So, (as you can guess) growing up with 6 brothers, on a farm, in the middle of the desert, I was quite the atypical girl. In my elementary years I hated wearing anything with ruffles or lace (which broke my poor mother's heart). In my teen years, I watched football and went to wrestling tournaments. I learned how to box and cleaned pig-pens. I swam in ditches and took woodshop class.

It wasn't until college that I realized how different I was, living with six girls from both Utah and Idaho. Semester after semester I would have to explain to a new set of roomates, "No, I have never seen Singing in the Rain." "Nope, not Anne of Green Gables, or what? Who is My Fair Lady?" I have never seen The Sound of Music or West Side Story (I'm actually having to Google "classic musicals" to come up with the titles right now. That's how clueless I am.)

I admit that I still have no desire to watch these shows, but I do feel that I need to read a few of the classic girl books like Pride and Prejudice, which I picked up at the library this morning. I'm not sure how much I'll enjoy it, but I'm up for a love story and I needed a new book. Everyone I know that has read it loves it.

It is a love story, right?


To the Rescue...Again

Today we had a ward field trip to the fire station and since The Man was home sick with Mae, Blondie and I got to go on our own.

In true fashion, she was sure to not get too close.

They all loved it,

but I needed some attention too. So, I pulled out my old trick and had the firemen retrieve my keys from my locked car.

It's a little embarrassing when that happens 2x in one year.

FYI I am totally convinced that a Volvo is the hardest car to possibly break into (without shattering or breaking anything) just in case you are in the market for a theft-proof car or are considering taking mine.


On the Road...again

We have just returned from a full and fantastic trip to SLC. Although we were only there for 2 full days we managed to visit with everyone that we intended (the Van Wagoner's, the Hays', the Carlson's, the Jibson's, and Ash) plus a fewmore.

Not this guy. He just looked rad.

The girls warmed right up to Gran and Grandpa Lewis. They don't have too much of a choice with Grandma though. She is usually planting kisses before the see her coming.

Blondes stocking up at Discovery Gateway.

We haven't been to the tabernacle since the construction was completed nearly 2 years ago. It's always an amazing sight.

After the weather hit 110 on Phoenix we were grateful to enjoy the cooler temps on Temple Square.

Saturday started out at Hogle Zoo with meeting the Carlson's then checking out the animals with the Jibson's and my family.

Blondie and Jonah hit it off right from the start. They enjoyed sharing their snacks, stroller, and observing the animals together. After spending 3 days together (and bathing), Sunday morning She looked over at Jonah and asked, "What's your name?"

The main purpose of our trip was for the Hyde Family Reunion at Heritage Park. I was so excited to see my extended family and have them meet my little family.

Mae trying to make a good impression on Grandpa.

My grandpa with his blind sister Peggy. She is one of my heroes. She lives her life to the fullest while radiating her joy and love for the Gospel.

My mother and her sister Carol talking about having a Bob Hyde reunion. I think it's going to happen guys.

The girls had had it by the end of the reunion.

We had intended to see Eric's aunt in Sandy, but the girls didn't make it out of the parking lot.

A special shout-out to the Jibson's for allowing us to take over your basement.
Thanks guys!


Here We Go

It's been along time since I have seen or done a tag. I sometimes will ignore them (sorry), but right now my kids are sleeping and I'm already procrastinating all of my other duties.

So here goes:

3 joys
1. Fresh flowers
2. When The Man has a little stubble on his face (I've always been a sucker for some scruff)
3. Sleeping in

3 fears
1. Drowning. I love baths, the ocean, boating, and swimming, but I am very hydrophobic.
2. Turning around and Blondie not being there.
3. Mae ripping off her poopy diaper...again.

3 Goals
1. To finally start nursing school and totally excel in it.
2. Be a good housekeeper even though this will never happen.
3. Reach my sales goal at PoppySeeds by Sept 11. (1st anniversary)

3 Current Obsessions
1. Smores in the microwave
2. Vacationing with my family
3. Yoga Class

3 Random Facts
1. A while ago Aly taught my how to perfectly mix a milkshake by hand. Now, I won't have my ice cream any other way.
2. I have very large hands...for a girl. I wouldn't date a guy even if I thought his hands might be smaller than mine. That would just be weird.
3. I usually laugh when I see someone get hurt. I know that this is terrible, but it's just my reflex. I feel terrible afterwards, but I really can't help it. Even when my kids get whacked on the head or trip and fall I have a really hard time not cracking up.

3 People to Tag - I'm picking you because I think there is a chance you will actually do this.
1. Kiersten
2. Sally
3. Mandy S.

Giving it Away!

Choose your shirt
and pray to win at Petit Elefant!


Dad's Day

My Dad

He's the guy on the bottom row far left. I love these class photos and I think my dad was a pretty cute kid. All his classmates look great if you blow it up.

Oh, this guy is a pretty good dad too. Blondes drew on a tie for him today to wear (she drew him, her, and Sis) to church and we made him waffles for breakfast.

And we are big fans of this guy.


Mae's Mess

I'd heard of it happening to other moms, but it wouldn't happen to me.

My kids are different.

They would never do such a thing.
It's disgusting and it would just NOT happen.

I heard her wake from her nap.

Oh. She's fine. Just playing. I can finish this chapter.

After a few minutes she's fussing and I go to get her.


The diaper is...wait...

off? and...NO!


I'm still in shock, catching faint smells, and feeling a little more humble.

Out of Her Mouth

She has been saying the sweetest and funniest things lately.
Here are a few examples:

"Ah, Man!"

"Mommy, yur so cute!"
"No, you're so cute."
"We both so cute!"
(thanks aunt Ashley for this one)


"There you go Sweetheart." (as she is patting me or Sis on the head).

"I wanna watch Camping Movie?"
"No honey, not right now."
"Please mommy, (leans in and gives me a big kiss.) Now watch Camping Movie?"


Of Babies and Bathing Suits

I felt so lucky last week to be able to go snuggle and take some pictures of the Taylor's new little baby Cam. Although I loved holding her and smelling her sweet new baby skin the good news is that afterwards I was happy to give her back to her mom and didn't feel the least bit baby hungry.

BLOndie loved playing with Jillian. It's good for her to be around her friends that are a bit more rowdy than her. It's like she gets the internal "okay" that she can be loud and silly. After playing with Jill in her pool we decided to empty the sand from her's and get it ready for some water fun. This should make Sis happy. She has been dying to dig in the sand with Blondie, but I just won't let her. I know what you may be thinking "The girl has already eaten a cockroach, so little sand won't hurt." The problem with sand though, is that it gets everywhere and little babies have a lot of creases! I'm much more happy to let her play in the 6" pool.


My Kids Are Cute, Right?

So, I had the impulse yesterday to enter my kids in the Parents Magazine Cover Model Contest.

If you like to read my blog, then do me a favor and vote for my kids!

Who knows, they could be famous one day and we'll be thanking you.

(click on the photos to rate)

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