If you are wondering where I have been, my title should tell you.
Be prepared, there are a lot of photos coming up of our little adventure.

We left last Wednesday and camped in a tent with our 2 children for 5 nights.

Zions is as beautiful as ever.
You can't help but have conformation while there, that there is a God of this world, and he rocks.

We decided to bring our bikes and trailor and ended up looking a little hokie on the interstate,

but it was well worth it.

Me and my girls

The weather was about 20 degrees cooler than normal with a lot of rain. I think it rained every day. Great for photo's, but not so much for keeping things clean and little ones warm.

We did a great hike on Sunday called Hidden Canyon. If you ever go to Zions I totally recommend it as long as you aren't too afraid of heights.
The views are breathtaking as well as teetering on the edge of a thousand foot cliff with only a chain to hold on to.

Docile squirrels. Don't pet.

In hidden canyon.

Temple of Sinawava.

The Man was so excited to have 3 of his favorite things at his fingertips: his girls, biking, hiking, and lots of good food

I don't think that I could have camped near that long with out the help of my in-laws. They were so great in helping out with the kids. My girls really love their Grandpa.

She was so excited to ride the "school bus" up the canyon.

As was everyone else.

When traveling through Navajo Nation in northern Arizona there are all of these sweet Native American women selling their beautiful handmade jewelry. I loved stopping here

the view was absolutly amazing.

So, that's where I have been. Hopefully we will be going back next year, but for now I have to tend to a sick little blonde girl that was throwing up last night. Poor thing.


mr and mrs carlson said...

wow your trip looks like it was so cool and pretty. you and eric look cool, too! i can't wait to hang out with you guys soon and see your baby girls! it's been a long time....

Garrison Propaganda said...

the weather looked comfortable, the views were beautiful, and you got lots of great pictures. sounds like your trip was fun!

Carly said...

Ahhhh....Casey would be SO JEALOUS! I'm jealous too! We should all do a camping trip one day...with our 4 girls! It would be fun.

Lewieville said...

That looks like so much fun! I love camping and hiking. I hope Ava feels better soon, that is no fun!

smith scratch said...

I love the clouds in the last photo. What a fun time! Hope Ava feels better soon.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Fantastic trip! Glad it was so fun! And beautiful pictures.

Lori said...

We were seriously on our way to Zion that weekend! Mike got held up doing some work last minute that bled into Saturday and we decided to stay home. What a great treat it would have been to run into the Gardiners. Too bad. BTW... that hat should become a permanent fixture on Eric's dad's head. He rocks it.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

So, when you say that Eric had his "3 favorite things at his fingertips: his girls, biking, hiking, and lot of good food." I was wondering which one was not his favorite. :) I'm going to guess biking maybe!?
Looks like you guys had a great time and I can't believe you were in a tent for 5 days. Very impressive! I don't think I would have lasted that long ... especially in the cold.

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