Garage Sale-ing

Since we have moved into our new place one of my favorite pastimes has to be getting up at the crack of dawn, mixing up a Carnation Instant Breakfast, throwing my kids in the car with a bottle and granola bar, and hitting the garage sales.

And so, I now officially hate paying full price for any of the following:

Small Appliances
Kids Clothing

Really obnoxious princess dresses...
with matching feathery "glass shlipppers."

Yeah, I never thought that I would even spend $2 on a princess outfit, but the look on my daughter's face was priceless. I thought she might burst, right there in the car, sitting in the Britax car seat that I had spent $15 on 2 weeks before.

What is the best thing you've found at a garage sale?


Lori said...

coincidently, I have also spent $2 on a princess dress at a garage sale, but it was my size!! WAHOO! My favorite thing ever is the wooden fruit that I've now spray painted all shiny black.

But $15 for a Britax? Wow... you win.

Anonymous said...

The best thing I have gotten at a yard sale is a pair of earrings... I know, kind of gross - but don't worry, I kept them in disinfectant for a long time! But, they were super cute and only $0.15. They looked really old; they had little ceramic circles with a blue flower etched in the ceramic and a small little dangly thing attached.
Cody got a Farrah Faucet coffee mug once! and of course, I always buy tons of books. For teachers, the best place to go is to a retired teacher's yard sale! tons of teaching supplies for super cheap.
This is another reason I love Savers so much! - you can get such cool things for cheap.

Aubrey said...

Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but... the best thing I ever got from a garage sale was a new humidifier in the box for $1. When I got home I realized there was a receipt in the box and it had only been purchased at Walgreen's a few days before. I promptly returned it to Walgreen's for $25.00.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I absolutely love the princess dresses and shoes! And way to go on the yard sale deals- I always think I should try to get out there and find deals, but I'm a chicken about going out on my own with two kids!

Garrison Propaganda said...

youve inspired me...and im working on a post to reply.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I actually have never bought anything from a garage sale. We've checked out a few, but with no luck. However, I will say that I think we throw a pretty great garage sale ourselves. I may not have done any of the work on the big day, but it was great watching all the action. Plus, by the end of the day we made plenty of money (we probably would have made more if it weren't for the boys giving so much away). I do love Ava's new dress. she is looking so grown up and not like the little Ava girl we first met. Miss that sweet little face.
*on a side not- I want to go with Aubrey to garage sales from now on. Talk about scoring!!!

Lewieville said...

My favorite thing that I have gotten was a purple bean bag chair! Jessalyn loves it and it was only $5! I could handle that.

d said...

Garage sales have always held a special place for me. Our neighborhood used to have a big one each year. I looked forward to it as much as my mom dreaded it. I would sell baked goods with my best buddy Ali Milton. At the end of the day, with my bake sale proceeds, I would go around and get great deals on awesome stuff. Things like jackets, butter dishes, broken instruments, hyper colored t-shirts, and umbrellas. My mom would look outside, waiting for the her daughter the vagrant to come home in layers of dirty clothes with her latest finds. garage sales are awesome.

Garrison Propaganda said...

yay i finally finished my post...ode to garage sales/craigslist.

SBAM said...

The dress really is obnoxious and the shlippers are ADORABLE! They match well with the painted dirty toes! Aaron's mom found our first crib at a garage sale. It was in great condition and we loved it. Until we loaned it to some friends who broke it...We bought another used one for $15. I don't love it, so we'll be hitting the garage sales again before the next baby! I refuse to pay even Wal Mart prices for that kind of stuff!

CChristianmomma said...

I bought Aria's solid wood 7 foot tall bookcase for 25. I kept it in the garage for about a year then later painted it (with some help) and turned it into her baby armoire! Love the bubble pics too. Way cute!

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