Death to Dora?

Dora, Dora, Dora...

What am I to do?

A few weeks ago The Man came home from going to garage sales with a stack of Dora the Explorer dvd's that he paid a buck a piece for.

Before these lovely dvd's Blondie only knew of Dora as the girl on her sippy cup (the cheapest bpa-free cup I could find). Now, it's every day, "Mommy, please watch Dora movie? Please?"
When she really wants something she adds the baby sign along with her "please"
to make her seem even more desperate.

You see, before Dora invaded our house she didn't care to watch anything but the occasional Caillou (I know I shouldn't complain because he's so much worse than Dora) and her "Movies" the ones that Grandpa Kent and I make. So, this is totally new territory to me. I had no idea that kids could get this sucked in.
Now that I think about it, I remember my little brother watching Peter Pan over, and over, and over.

What I hate about Dora:

- the way she waits for the kids to respond to her. She waits so long and I know it's to give the kids a chance to respond, but it's like "can we please just move on?"
- her voice, and the map's voice, and Boot's voice, etc
- Blondie's huge crying fits when I turn her off. When she cries "Please more Dora, Mommy!"
-the way I feel guilty when she is on a little too long and my daughter just sits like a little zombie staring into the oblivion
- when the super babies sing "goo-goo ga-ga"
- Benny the cow

What I love about Dora:
She gives me time to take a shower earlier than the usual 2pm
- the way Blondie gets totally giddy when I put the dvd in. It's really cute that she can't contain herself.
- after the show she recaps it all to me. telling me all about the volcano, the troll bridge, or the stars
- I can have a few extra minutes when Mae is sleeping and Dora is on that I can just sit and do nothing

Oh, how I wish that she loved Charlie and Lola as much as Dora.
I love C&L and could watch it all day with her if it wasn't for stinking Dora!


mr and mrs carlson said...

the love/hate relationship with TV is complicated hayley, no doubt. we tivo sesame street and a show called signing time and let nora watch it, but everytime i turn on the tv i feel sorta selfish because i know it will keep her entertained (somewhat) while I try to do other things (or just kick my feet up, why not???) and i just cross my fingers that it's not doing damage to her fragile mind!!!

anyway, dora is pretty annoying (and calliou) too-- i'd go with a classic like sesame street if you can find those at a yardsale, eric!!!

Sally Wright said...

Have you noticed how HUGE Dora's head is? Even still, despite her many faults, we have embraced her. There was no use fighting it. I am going to save that fight for other things like...teenagerhood!

Garrison Propaganda said...

amidst all the hates for the seemingly obnoxious bilingual gal with a triangle haircut, it is nice to get that "me" time. i dont really feel too bad when i let jonas watch the occasional backyardigans. they remind me of my muppet babies days. (im a big fan of backyardigans). i like how they encourage imagination, theyre always going on pretend adventures, and ill admit i love the music. again reminds me of muppet babies.

it doesnt sound like ava watches much tv at all, but i know about not wanting them to become obsessed with it. good luck with balancing tv time with playtime. and dont feel bad if you do pop it in just b/c you want a break. moms are always worried about feeling selfish for wanting a half an hour or so for downtime. give me a break! were working 24 hour shifts 7 days a week. a tv program or two to busy your child is hardly selfish or unhealthy.

good luck unhooking her from dora. i dont have much advice there being that jonas's two favorite shows are backyardigans and word world. but hed love to watch so much more. like sponge bob--now that i dont get.

Jenni said...

I'm impressed you lasted two years. I didn't even try.

I hate that stupid fox. I swear, just let Swiper take the dagum blasted stuff and get on with it!

Lewieville said...

No advice from me either. We are sucked into bakyardigans, I haven't even touched dora because when we had cable and I was babysitting my neice I learned quickly I hated dora! But Lynnie seems to like her anyway when we are visitng. Only advice I have is that we tell Lynnie she only gets one movie and then she is done for the day! It seems to work this week, but next week we will be back to square one.

Carly said...

Here at our house it used to be Elmo, now it's "Cues Cues" (Blue's Clues) Which I'm totally cool with, I can handle Steve. Not sure I could handle Dora though.

sheena said...

Wait until you're doing the dishes and you realize you're singing "DORA DORA DORA THE EXPLORER" outloud, with no one else around.

But seriously...Jonah get's to pick 2 shows in the morning, and he usually chooses Dora...and she's taught him a few Spanish words pronounced totally wrong, how to tell his left from his right, and he's also developed a fear of trolls.

but like you said, a shower is always nice.

Taylor Tree said...

one word for you hales:

(it helps with doras problems, maybe it can help you)

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