Trying to be Happy

My girls have had colds and been teething this week. Blondie is finally getting her molars (2 year) and I feel like half the day she has the attitude of a 14 year old. Mae is just a mess. At first I thought she was just getting in 1 tooth. Well, it turned into three and now maybe 5. Agh!!!

With the crusty faces, whining, and tears we have managed to get a few smiles.

Eric's dad came to visit a few weeks ago and we bought sand for Blondie. I finally found a plastic pool to create her sand box. Every minute that I allow, she spends playing in it. We are loving this Arizona weather...for now.


Young Family said...

Your kids are so stinking adorable! And you take awesome pictures.

Garrison Propaganda said...

argh, teething...those are tough times. but, the more you get in at once the less amount of times youll have to deal with it? well, theoretically at least. such cute pictures. and maes hair is really getting lighter! is she going to go as light as ava?

Lewieville said...

Colby has the same crusty face. And he has a cold too!! I hate when my babies don't feel good. I wish I were in Arizonia right now, but not so much in July! Love the pics, cute girls!

carlson, carlson & carlson said...

greta is such a sweetie!!! i love ava's rosy cheeks and dirty feet, too. that's a great idea to do a sand pool. we got the poppyseeds shirts in the mail the other day and they're awesome! nora's fits just right and I'll post a pic soon.

Tiffany said...

I seriously cannot believe Mae's hair. So blonde! We miss you guys! We definitely need to play soon

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