Grandma's HOuse

We loved our time in Nevada last week and we learned a just few things about ourselves.

Blondie is in NO way a farm girl.

On Thursday we had a lunch at my mom's where we invited Grandma Hyde, my aunts, sister-in-laws, and cousins. It was so great to see everyone and their sweet children.

Blondie learned how to act really silly, play like a puppy dog, and pretend that there are monsters hiding around the house whom you have to fight off with a dagger.

I loved how Brittany's daughter yelled out "Hey boys, come here and kill us!" Brittany had to tell her to say "Come and get us" instead.

Mae loved getting to know Sophie. They had a lot of fun poking, grabbing, and pulling at each other.

For the most part Miss Mae wanted only to do with her mother. She was cutting 4 teeth and not too happy. She was comfortable with Great Grandma, randomly liked Jeremy, and occasionally Grandma Roxy when Mommy wasn't around.

Some old fashioned beef jerky took care of those teeth.
Grandma Roxy thinks of everything!


My mom learned how to be really determined and finish Mae's blessing dress. 9 months late - barely fit - wore it to church - got some pictures...Done! (isn't it beautiful?)

Some pretty cute Lewis girls and a couple of Gardiners.

Blondes couldn't get enough of her cousins (since all 10 of them are in Fallon). She excitedly followed them around mimicking every move. When I asked her if she was ready to come home she replied, "No, Mommy, I wanna stay at Gramma's house."


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

OH man, we miss you guys tons! I am glad Ava was able to pick up some monster defense skills- you never know when you'll need those, especially with a little sister to defend- at least that's our thinking! Next time you guys come Ezra will have to show Ava the skateboarding (with a cookie sheet) off the couch trick he's been working on today! It's a great one!

Carly said...

Your girls are so freakin adorable.

Look at Greta's hair!!! It's getting SO light! She looks a lot like her daddy (in my opinion!) Next stop....California! :) For real, you need to come visit again!

Carly said...

Oh and P.S. I assume you cut Ava's hair. You need to come and do Cadence's and make it look and perfect like Ava's! ha ha.

sheena said...

a dagger? Jonah doesn't even know what a dagger is yet. I hope.

cousins are so fun!!

CChristianmomma said...

Beef Jerky! I have that in stock and Aria is cutting her top 4 teeth as I write. Not many solid naps lately! She loves eating and chewing everything though. Fallon looked like fun. I'm totally envious!

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love the tractor and bubbles picture. and the baby blessing picture is great, especially since she might not have another photo shoot in it! four teeth at once, man thats no fun! maes hair is getting super light! such cute girls! sound like your trip was a blast.

Lewieville said...

Oh I am so jealous! It looks like you had so much fun.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. You gotta love the things that kids learn from cousins. I hope Ava wasn't too scarred for life by that first picture. She looks like one unhappy camper in it. I am so amazed at how light Mae's hair is getting. Maybe just because I remember that super dark head of hair when she was born. It's changed so much in such a small amount of time. Always cute though.
Glad to have you back!

Annie Hyde said...

Oh wow, what a cool post. Fun pics! I love the one of Sophie and Greta!! How innocent and delicate and beautiful they both look! Way to go on the dress, Grandma Roxy. I am glad we got together for a minute. Next time i want to plan a big group date, what a blast that would be.

smith scratch said...

I do not even know where begin to comment on this fantastic blog entry...

okay, Ava on a tractor is HiLaRiOuS!

I love the photo of Greta and Sophie... for some reason I can imagine the same photo of them when they are 80. On the same couch, in the same position.

BEEF JERKY FOR TEETHING?! This photo is priceless, I can't say that I could imagine you letting someone give baby Ava beef jerky for teething. I guess we are all a bit more relaxed with our second child. :]

Greta in her blessing dress...9 months too late. She looks adorable, but I am cracking up.

It really looks like you guys had a blast, but I must ask, what did you have to pay your house sitter? (the scorpion)

Ashley Kearns said...

Who are all those kids!? I haven't ever seen them!!

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