"Gotta Go Get Her"

Blondie and Mae are like any other sisters - They love to play with each other and they also love to torment each other.

When Blondes hears Mae waking up from her morning nap she yells to me. "Mommy! Sis awake! Gotta go get her!"

Then she barges through the bedroom door and requests to be put in the crib to play.

Needless to say, things are getting to be a lot more fun around here.


Lewieville said...

That is so funny. Jessalyn does the same thing when Colby wakes up! I love how much they love playing together, I couldn't ask for more, Let's hope it stays this way.

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love the pictures, so cute. how is it that i won out with two brutes as opposed to your two lovers? oh well. such adorable girls. i fear for their datings years for you, two cute sister close in age! the gardiners will be busy with all the young puruers.

sheena said...

I can totally relate....some days Jonah paces outside Lucy's door just waiting for the very second she wakes up.

your girls are too cute.

Taylor Tree said...

okay, i love this entry!! it makes me excited for my baby.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Yep, Ezra is the same way- wants to help Eliza get up and help her be happy if she's woken up fussy! I absolutely love how well they get along and help each other so much of the time!

carrs in tally said...

wow- look at those eyes. greta is so adorable!

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