Adventures in Potty Land

Scene: Reno/Tahoe Intl Airport Bathroom: There are a few ladies present, but none with children. I have my giant suitcase, new Joovy Caboose stroller (that I love to pieces), Mae's carseat, 2 kids, and a huge backpack on.

Me: I have to go potty. You guys have to come with me.
Blondie: Okay Mommy. You have to go BIG peepee?
Me: No, I just have to go a little. (as I'm trying to pin us all in the much too small handicap stall)
Blondie: (shouting) Mommy, I hear it! I hear oar peepee!
Me: (nodding)
Blondie: (still shouting) Mommy have to go poopoo too?
Me: (whispering) No, just peepee.
Mae: (screaming)
Blondie: Have to wipe Mommy! Have to get BIG wipe! Mommy all done? Good girl Mommy! Gotta flush it!

This is why I dread "going" in public.
She is so excited about using the potty. Bless her heart.


Jenni said...

Oh, that is laugh out loud funny.

Good times.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Well, at least she has the whole potty process down. She really knows what you need to be doing ... and now, so does everyone else at the Reno/Tahoe Airport bathroom. :)

Lewieville said...

It was a good place for her to give play by play, those people in Reno you have to wonder if they know the simple things in life!!

That is just so funny, the worst part though is that I can picture myself in the exact same situation.

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love the loud stall conversations. i think siblings have a secret agreement that one always has to be crying while the other shouts out everything going on. my favorite is when jonas shouts, "you got blood? you need a tampoon?" that always gets a few snickers.

carrs in tally said...

oh that is hilarious! ava will love that story when she gets older! thanks for your response about etsy- we'll see if i decide to do it.

Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Hey it's Chy your old roomie from RICKS! Hey I have so been hear! Gotta love kids!

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