Oh Baby!

Mae is nine months and this past week has gotten in 3 of her top teeth with the fourth on it's way. She is so fun and will literally eat anything I give her.

She is currently into:

Fruit Leather (see above)
Biter Biscuits
Annie's Bunny Crackers
and Paper

Her absolute favorite thing to do is lay on the bed with The Man, Blondie, and I and crawl all over us. She prefers the sneak attack and then uses her legs to spring up onto Blondie, tackle her down, and pull her hair. Yeah, we have a bully on our hands. She will do it over and over - Jumping off all fours and face planting into the mattress. Then, she rolls over to have The Man scratch her belly as she giggles in delight.


Garrison Propaganda said...

i love the frame for the four. such cute pictures!!! three teeth at once, no fun at all! shes a fast teether. i love the bed play. mercers the bully in our family, she loves to pull hair too.

smith scratch said...

I love her little face. I can't believe that at 9 months she is eating all of those foods! I remember you struggling so hard to get Ava to eat well. Total opposites huh?

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

She has the best facial expressions. So full of it and I love it. We miss you little Mae Mae

Taylor Tree said...

she is such a great baby!

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