When The Man and I first move to AZ we went on a lot of day-trips to visit the historical landmarks in the state. It has been a while since we have "hit the road."

Last weekend we mad a trip to Jerome.

The whole city is literally hanging off of a hillside. We loved seeing all the crazy architecture.
It really reminded me of Virginia City, NV.

Due to gravity some of the buildings have actually been pulled down the slope

Yeah, it all wasn't too stroller friendly. We would walk down the sidewalk then out of no where it would have a 2 foot drop.
Of course the streets could barely fit the driving and parked cars so it was a little dangerous.

This was taken on the way to Gold King mine. We saw enough junk on the way up the hill that we decided we didn't want to pay to see more. Evidently some others felt the same way as they turned around right before and after we did.

The House of Joy. Don't ask because I don't know. I wish I did. I didn't have the chance to go in although I really wanted to. Doesn't it look a little tempting?

My new lens capturing every one of Blondie's bright hairs in the sunlight. I love it!

In every town like Jerome there has to be a crazy VW van, right?

The perfect end to our beautiful day trip.

Ice cream!




"Gotta Go Get Her"

Blondie and Mae are like any other sisters - They love to play with each other and they also love to torment each other.

When Blondes hears Mae waking up from her morning nap she yells to me. "Mommy! Sis awake! Gotta go get her!"

Then she barges through the bedroom door and requests to be put in the crib to play.

Needless to say, things are getting to be a lot more fun around here.


What a Surprise!

I'm totally excited!

I have been featured on Poppytalk Handmade's sweet blog. They put me on today. Check it out (you have to scroll down a little).


Oh Baby!

Mae is nine months and this past week has gotten in 3 of her top teeth with the fourth on it's way. She is so fun and will literally eat anything I give her.

She is currently into:

Fruit Leather (see above)
Biter Biscuits
Annie's Bunny Crackers
and Paper

Her absolute favorite thing to do is lay on the bed with The Man, Blondie, and I and crawl all over us. She prefers the sneak attack and then uses her legs to spring up onto Blondie, tackle her down, and pull her hair. Yeah, we have a bully on our hands. She will do it over and over - Jumping off all fours and face planting into the mattress. Then, she rolls over to have The Man scratch her belly as she giggles in delight.


Adventures in Potty Land

Scene: Reno/Tahoe Intl Airport Bathroom: There are a few ladies present, but none with children. I have my giant suitcase, new Joovy Caboose stroller (that I love to pieces), Mae's carseat, 2 kids, and a huge backpack on.

Me: I have to go potty. You guys have to come with me.
Blondie: Okay Mommy. You have to go BIG peepee?
Me: No, I just have to go a little. (as I'm trying to pin us all in the much too small handicap stall)
Blondie: (shouting) Mommy, I hear it! I hear oar peepee!
Me: (nodding)
Blondie: (still shouting) Mommy have to go poopoo too?
Me: (whispering) No, just peepee.
Mae: (screaming)
Blondie: Have to wipe Mommy! Have to get BIG wipe! Mommy all done? Good girl Mommy! Gotta flush it!

This is why I dread "going" in public.
She is so excited about using the potty. Bless her heart.


Grandma's HOuse

We loved our time in Nevada last week and we learned a just few things about ourselves.

Blondie is in NO way a farm girl.

On Thursday we had a lunch at my mom's where we invited Grandma Hyde, my aunts, sister-in-laws, and cousins. It was so great to see everyone and their sweet children.

Blondie learned how to act really silly, play like a puppy dog, and pretend that there are monsters hiding around the house whom you have to fight off with a dagger.

I loved how Brittany's daughter yelled out "Hey boys, come here and kill us!" Brittany had to tell her to say "Come and get us" instead.

Mae loved getting to know Sophie. They had a lot of fun poking, grabbing, and pulling at each other.

For the most part Miss Mae wanted only to do with her mother. She was cutting 4 teeth and not too happy. She was comfortable with Great Grandma, randomly liked Jeremy, and occasionally Grandma Roxy when Mommy wasn't around.

Some old fashioned beef jerky took care of those teeth.
Grandma Roxy thinks of everything!


My mom learned how to be really determined and finish Mae's blessing dress. 9 months late - barely fit - wore it to church - got some pictures...Done! (isn't it beautiful?)

Some pretty cute Lewis girls and a couple of Gardiners.

Blondes couldn't get enough of her cousins (since all 10 of them are in Fallon). She excitedly followed them around mimicking every move. When I asked her if she was ready to come home she replied, "No, Mommy, I wanna stay at Gramma's house."


House Sitting

Apparently while we were away we had a couple of house guests. I'm pretty ticked about it though because the were uninvited and left a mess in our kitchen.

As we were coming in the house I was about to put MAe down on the tile floor when I spotted him scurrying away. Blondes totally freaked out and ran into the other room. I'm not too scared of creepy crawly things, but yeah, I totally screamed for The Man. He came to my rescue and killed the bark scorpion as it tried to get away.

After scouring the house over, looking under things, and feeling my skin crawl all over we went back into the kitchen to find Scorpy's lady friend frozen on the floor (probably scared and in shock that she had just witnessed her lover's death). I (feeling a little braver) killed her on sight.

For the past few weeks we have been finding dead bugs on the tile. I kept wondering why I never saw them until morning when there they were...dead on the floor.

The Man sprayed our perimeter today and hopefully we will not see anymore of these disgusting creatures.

I probably made you itch


Packing Up

The girls and I are packing up for a trip to Nevada to see my parents and family. Although we are recovering from a rough weekend of vomit (The Blondes) and green-volcanic noses (MAe) I think that we can make it. The Man will join us later in the week.

I haven't been back home since last summer. For those who wish to experience some nostalgia or see this grand place for the first time - I have found a few pics from the interweb.

I am so distracted and of course I have found something more fun to do rather than pack my suitcase. I hate packing and I also hate staying on task when I have an idea.

Here is a quick video of our little mover that I've been working on this morning.

I hope to see many of you soon!


psst...another giveaway

Trying to be Happy

My girls have had colds and been teething this week. Blondie is finally getting her molars (2 year) and I feel like half the day she has the attitude of a 14 year old. Mae is just a mess. At first I thought she was just getting in 1 tooth. Well, it turned into three and now maybe 5. Agh!!!

With the crusty faces, whining, and tears we have managed to get a few smiles.

Eric's dad came to visit a few weeks ago and we bought sand for Blondie. I finally found a plastic pool to create her sand box. Every minute that I allow, she spends playing in it. We are loving this Arizona weather...for now.



Yesterday Alisha and Jill came to see us and play. Although we live fairly (60 miles) close I feel like I don't get to see my dear friend near enough. Alisha is due to have her second baby girl next month and we are so excited for her and her growing family (and belly). Little Jill is very sweet and warmed up to me just before leaving by letting me give her hugs and kisses.

Thanks for the fun day!

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