Little REd Dress

When I was just two years old my Grandma Hyde was laid up in bed with an injured back. To pass the time she crocheted a beautiful little red and white dress for me, her eldest daughter's only daughter.

When it was finished the dress was entered into the Churchill County Fair and won a purple ribbon...the Grand Prize.

For 22 years this sentimental handmade dress has been in my mother's hope chest. She gave it to me just before I had my first baby. It has been in the closet for the past 2 years.

She is very much into all things "girl." Everyday she asks to wear one of her Cinderella dresses. As I looked in her closet this morning, I saw the red dress and decided it was time to try it on.

A perfect fit.

So now that it fits her I don't know what to do. Should it go back into the closet, or should I let her wear it occasionally?

I have also thought about framing it.


Snow Crew said...

wow- beautiful dress. I think she should be able to wear it on a couple of blessed occasions. Were you allowed to wear it? I hope they got some pictures of you in it.

Garrison Propaganda said...

beautiful! i agree, it would be fun to see you in it if your parents ever took any pictures. thats a toughy, because it did take a lot of work and there is a lot of sentimental value in it. kids can do so much destruction in such a short amount of time, and it would be tragic to see anything done to this passed down treasure. a few wears wouldnt hurt, but i think framing its a great idea.

Lewieville said...

I have a similar dress, I wore it and have kept it for Lynnie, It is getting really close to fitting and I can't wait to let her wear it to church! I say let her wear, and I am sure grandma hyde would agree!

Taylor Tree said...

i agree with traci. at leasat a few times to church. it is soooooo pretty and i tink in a frame it'd be less appreciated.

sheena said...

so so pretty. my vote is to wear it a few "special" times and then frame it.

CChristianmomma said...

Special times for sure! i remember when i saw Ava at six months of age and you pulled the dress out. remember how envious i was? I still am. i love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley!

This dress is SO beautiful!! I agree with the other folks - let her wear it on super special occasions; afterall, it's a super special dress.

Shannon Windriver (Mueller)

Jenni said...

That dress is priceless! Wow. I guess I'm the really mean Mommy. (Either that or the one with really bad luck.) I'd probably let her wear it once...long enough to get some great pictures in it. Then I'd frame it or put it away for her kids. I have a baby afghan that my Grandma crocheted for Brandon. The only time we pull it out is on the kids' blessing day. I'm determined to have that thing last 300 years.

She does look beautiful in it. But it is such a precious thing - I'd hate to have it stretched out or spilled on! And you've got some beautiful pictures of her in it. So, I'll be the voice of disention. I'd quit while you're ahead. :-)

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Love you Jenni!
Anyway, my vote is that ... since Ava is little Miss Tidy, I think you would be safe to let her wear it on super special occasions (where there is no option to spill food or drink on it) and then put it safely away. I would probably never let mine wear it, but that's a different story. I think that later you might regret not letting her wear it once in a blue moon. That's just my humble opinion and I am of the belief that we shouldn't have any regrets ... big or small.

smith scratch said...

I would let her wear it, just a few times. :]
It is amazing looking.

Ashley Kearns said...

So cute! Where it girl!

Annie Hyde said...

WOW. Way to go, Grandma! Wear it twice then put it away for Greta. Take pics of Greta in it. Frame the pics in with the dress! Wow!

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