Little REd Dress

When I was just two years old my Grandma Hyde was laid up in bed with an injured back. To pass the time she crocheted a beautiful little red and white dress for me, her eldest daughter's only daughter.

When it was finished the dress was entered into the Churchill County Fair and won a purple ribbon...the Grand Prize.

For 22 years this sentimental handmade dress has been in my mother's hope chest. She gave it to me just before I had my first baby. It has been in the closet for the past 2 years.

She is very much into all things "girl." Everyday she asks to wear one of her Cinderella dresses. As I looked in her closet this morning, I saw the red dress and decided it was time to try it on.

A perfect fit.

So now that it fits her I don't know what to do. Should it go back into the closet, or should I let her wear it occasionally?

I have also thought about framing it.


Birthday Boy

Happy 28th

Rachel, Easy E, and his mother Suzanne
Doesn't Mae look so much like him?

the Cowboy
Last weekend his dad and sister were here. They talked about how he loved his cowboy boots. Evidently, he wore then everywhere.

E, Grandpa Gardiner, Ryan, Chad, and hmm...
I have no clue! I'll have to ask about this one.

I am so envious of him growing up with the beach so close.
Doesn't he look like quite the pro?

For those of you who have requested photos of the hair...here it is.

Blessed with a great profile

In Ventura last November. It's one of my favorites.

Now, we can't wait for him to come home and play with us.



My Hero - Crafty Thursday

Every once in a while one of Blondie's little friends gets into some trouble around our house and we have to call for our hero.

She usually answers pretty quick.

She saves babies, bunnies, and teddy bears and

is fast, strong, and incredibly brave.

Thanks SuperA for another job well done.


My First Giveaway

Come to the Poppy Blog to Enter!

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had some fun at the Anthem Days festival. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed being out with the girls.

Check out Blondie's trick glasses in the background of this one.

Getting a little belly-tan

Sliding is a little less intimidating when you have something (or someone) to grab onto.

I was surprised that our overly cautious girl was willing to ride the Ferris Wheel with me.
She actually loved it.

The best and sometimes the worst thing about events like this is the food, but you can't go wrong with BBQ sandwiches, roasted corn, and fry bread....mmmm. The entertainment (band) needed a little help though.


A Little Greener - Update

A few months ago I posted about my desire to rid my cabinets of chemical leeching plastics. I have changed all my plastic baby bottles out to glass, bought new pacifiers, thrown out sippy cups, tried to not heat food in plastic containers, or bought baby food in plastic tubs. It has been tricky, but I think it's totally worth it. I figure if I can do a little and it helps in any way, then it's worth it.

I love my glass bottles, but am totally frustrated about Mae getting to the point where she is flinging them around. The only company that makes a silicone sleeve sells them for like $12 a pop...eeek!

I have recently found a blog/site that has answered so many of my questions and helped me sort through my baby stuff: The Soft Landing

Check it out when you get a second. I think that the information is priceless...and now I 'll shut-up about it...

If you decide to do it I recommend getting the Evenflo Glass Bottles from Babies R Us. They are WAY cheaper than all these fancy-schmancy ones.


It's Official

...I admit. I am totally and completely addicted. Cadbury Mini Eggs have to be my most anticipated thing about Easter. Every year the same thing happens though...I get HOOKed!

I'm not talking a little hooked. I seriously can get myself to stop. I think I need help.

Or better yet, maybe I need to make these divine looking cupcakes. Oh, the sweetness!

Photo from Dessert by Candy (a random blog I found when google-imaging "cadbury mini egg") "The cupcakes are simple chocolate pound cake topped with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I love the tangy taste of cream cheese frosting. Actually, this is one of my favourite frosting because it is so easy to make! It was a blend of cream cheese, white chocolate, butter, and lemon juice...no cooking required. The frosting was covered with lightly toasted shredded sweetened coconut. Of course, the final touch was a few nicely placed Mini Eggs."


Just Doing What We Love

Hanging out with Dad

Using the new sidewalk chalk

Catching the tree's (moving) shadow in the window light

We don't encourage choke holds or particularly love them, but there has been some of this going on as well.


The "P" Problem

So...THIS is why it's nice to have girls.


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