Crafty Thursday

I realized today that I need a way to record all of my projects. Partly because my house is never clean and I need the documentation that I have actually done something productive. When I have an idea house cleaning always takes the backseat.

So here it is: Crafty Thursday!

Blondie sleeps on a hand-me-down mattress with my old down comforter and duvet cover. The duvet has been through a lot. I bought it before college and it was the perfect pale green color. My niece sprayed cleaner on it creating a huge bleach spot, then my sis-in-law dyed it (dark green) to cover the bleach, and I have bleached it (again) in attempt to get back the pale green. Earlier this week i bought some Rit color remover to get the dark green out and it turned light brown. The pale green dream is done! The Man suggested that I dress it up a bit and this morning I took it on.

It's not ideal, but it is a little more girl-y and she loves it. She gladly went down for her nap today in her new "flower beenkie." (One of my first projects when we moved to Arizona was refinishing the dresser in her room. It was E's parents and had seen better days. It was and still is the only piece of furniture I have ever re-finished. A lot of work, but it turned out beautiful and I will treasure it forever.)

Before we had Blondes my mom helped me make bedding for her crib. I was absolutely opposed to her having a pink room at the time. I don't mind pink so much anymore, but MAe is stuck with the hand-me-downs.

I found my extra fabric and covered cardboard with it and painted her letters. I love my little hot glue gun. It makes projects like this a breeze. I can be thrifty (when I try) and buying 3 letters was cheaper than 5 so I went with Mae. I love how it matches her bedding so perfectly.

*** BTW, I'm taking my Etsy stuff to a sidewalk sale in Phoenix this Saturday, wish me luck! ***


Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I love Crafty Thursday!! I wish I had done something crafty today, but alas, I have not. I keep telling myself that in two weeks the crafting and getting busy with projects will finally begin ... we'll see! Everything turned out great!! Can't wait to see it in person. That is if we are ever invited. Whatever, not bitter at all! :)

Taylor Tree said...

i love the flowers!!! i will more than likely copy you and then blog about how crafty i am too. hope you don't hate me for it.

oh, btw, i love your last blog about friends!! that picture cracks me up!!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I love the fabric backing the letters- I have letters as well and have been trying to decide just how to display them, I think I will have to borrow your idea! Oh, and good luck at the sidewalk sale!

sheena said...

Thank you for this post! My house has been in shambles lately....and sadly I don't care because I'm getting other stuff done....glad I'm not the only one! I may have to start displaying my projects as proof I'm not just loosing it!

I can't wait to see all your fun ideas!!! I LOVE the duvet and the 100 dye jobs it took to get that way!!

Rachel said...

You must be the most creative and craftiest person I know! Seriously...I'm jealous. I can't even thread a needle!:)

Jenni said...

Much luck! I'm sorry I'm not there to do a little shopping. Guess I need to check your site, eh?

Lewieville said...

Those rooms are so cute! You are going to have to give me some ideas for when we move into a place worth decorating! I love it.

Garrison Propaganda said...

oh brother! i think you really are related to martha stewart! you can sew!!! i have no patience for the sewing machine. the duvet is adorable. and i love the bed set you made! i cant believe you made it. i was dead set against pink when i found out mercer would be a girl. all i wanted was red. personally i hate pink. but, no one at my shower seemed to understand that. i think the only thing red i got was a pair of babygap shoes that never actually really fit b/c they were the fabric-y type. oh well, ive learned to accept pink as a major part of my daughters wardrobe. (but ill always prefer red). kudos on the letters. way cute! and one day when i dont have a little boy and girl sharing a room with two different themes i just might steal it! keep the weekly crafty pics coming!

how did the sidewalk sale go by the way?

CChristianmomma said...

Your a craft guru. i should do that too! See, you inspire me and everyone else! I'm selling stuff on ETSY now too. I just set up my account. Rad flowers on your old duvet! Great job!

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