I need help!

My baby has a pretty bad diaper rash and I am losing hope on it getting better. It has started to ooze a little :( and I just want to see some improvement!

I have been putting Balmex and Desitin Creamy on it. Yesterday, I tried some A&D. Nothing is seeming to work. Today I tried airing it out in the sun a little, but she wouldn't have it. Then I just sat her in the empty tub with toys and a towel down to get more air and she allowed that for a little while.

I have read on the inter-web about cornstarch to absorb the oozies, but I didn't think you were supposed to put powder on girls. Is that true?

There is so much conflicting info and my little girl is in such pain. Her shrieking little cry when I change her is the saddest thing.

Any advice or anything that you know works?


the crawler

things I have pulled out of mae's mouth today:

- string
- paper
- cord end to a lamp
- usb cord to my camera
- a no.2 pencil
- a bird sticker (thanks to ava)
- more string
- my cell phone
- 2 shoes


Blast from the Past

Every once in a while, I have this reality check. I often can't believe that I'm married, have 2 kids, a pile of bills, and I'm not living with my parents.

I love my life (not the bills) and wouldn't change a thing, but what happened?

10 years ago at CCHS. Me, Gina, Monica, Joel, and Natalie. It must have been homecoming week. I don't remember Monica sporting those pants on a regular basis.

Gina, Nat, Alisha and I after performing at a talent show.

My cousin John H and I

I'm fortunate enough to have kept in touch with my best friends from high school. Some a little better than others, but still I love that we are as close as we once were. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next 10 years.


Just Hanging Out and Getting Big

My little MaeMae is getting so big. She usually does the inch worm to get around the house, (pulling up to her knees or toes and flopping forward) but just this morning she started to crawl correctly. I can't believe it. She is so much fun.

This week, she has had a nasty cold. She was up all night at first and every morning she would wake with snot crusted all over her nose and smeared across her face. Then of course I had to clean it off, which she was never happy about. I felt so bad for her. Needless to say, we are happy she is back to her normal self. It was hard seeing her so miserable when she is normally SO happy.
Now, Blondie's got it. Ugh!!

E's dad brought us this huge bowl on his last visit (he usually comes bearing gifts). She loves sitting in it and getting a bird's eye view of the house.



Yeah, that's right. I've been summoned.

Its like I never thought that this day would come. It happens to everyone though, right? To be completely honest, I totally have mixed feelings and am (do I dare say) a little excited about it. When I got my summons in the mail I instinctively thought "Awe crap!" Then I realized that I only thought that because that is what you are "supposed" to think when you get called for jury duty. You are NOT supposed to be excited or even anticipate it. It is supposed to be a major inconvenience, a waste of a day, and a major pain all around. Is that true though?

Is it really that bad?



I Heart You!

I love that smile!

This was taken almost 6 years ago when I fell for him. Yeah, I look a little messed up. I promise the only thing I was drunk on was...lOvE!

p.s. If you are needing a little help with your valentine check out our good friend Zantar. He's sure to help, or at least make you lol.

Crafty Thursday

Yesterday I received my first shipment of American Apparel blanks for Poppyseeds.
I got so excited that I started dying and sewing right away. I'll be putting up my new stuff over the next couple of weeks.

I'm so grateful that we have an extra room where I can make a huge mess and not have to worry about it. My days of sewing and crafting on the kitchen table are over. Our spare room is like my cave where we (me and the girls) spend a big part of our day. Blondie sits at her little desk and colors while I work on my projects. I remember doing the same thing with my mom when I was little. I used to love watching her paint and felt so special when she would take the time to teach me a thing or two.

Apparently (she says) I have to "get down and play now."


Tagged (Kind of)

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Crafty Thursday

I realized today that I need a way to record all of my projects. Partly because my house is never clean and I need the documentation that I have actually done something productive. When I have an idea house cleaning always takes the backseat.

So here it is: Crafty Thursday!

Blondie sleeps on a hand-me-down mattress with my old down comforter and duvet cover. The duvet has been through a lot. I bought it before college and it was the perfect pale green color. My niece sprayed cleaner on it creating a huge bleach spot, then my sis-in-law dyed it (dark green) to cover the bleach, and I have bleached it (again) in attempt to get back the pale green. Earlier this week i bought some Rit color remover to get the dark green out and it turned light brown. The pale green dream is done! The Man suggested that I dress it up a bit and this morning I took it on.

It's not ideal, but it is a little more girl-y and she loves it. She gladly went down for her nap today in her new "flower beenkie." (One of my first projects when we moved to Arizona was refinishing the dresser in her room. It was E's parents and had seen better days. It was and still is the only piece of furniture I have ever re-finished. A lot of work, but it turned out beautiful and I will treasure it forever.)

Before we had Blondes my mom helped me make bedding for her crib. I was absolutely opposed to her having a pink room at the time. I don't mind pink so much anymore, but MAe is stuck with the hand-me-downs.

I found my extra fabric and covered cardboard with it and painted her letters. I love my little hot glue gun. It makes projects like this a breeze. I can be thrifty (when I try) and buying 3 letters was cheaper than 5 so I went with Mae. I love how it matches her bedding so perfectly.

*** BTW, I'm taking my Etsy stuff to a sidewalk sale in Phoenix this Saturday, wish me luck! ***

Becoming Friends

Finally! They are playing and laughing together. Today I told Blondie that we needed to go and change her diaper (no, she has absolutely no interest in the potty). She responded, "No, Mommy. I wanna play with Sissy." Needless to say, the diaper waited.


Fun Running?

Last weekend Easy E and I ran in a race. Okay, I guess when it's called a "fun run" there really isn't anything race-y about it, but regardless, we got up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning to run 2 miles for charity.

I should have prefaced that I am absolutely, in no way, a runner. I have always hated running but, (like many others, I'm sure) I have made it a goal to run this year and actually enjoy it. My friend Alisha and I (along with E) are planning on running a half-marathon in November, so this was our little "kick-off" event.

The proceeds from London's Run went to a couple of kids fighting leukemia and lymphoma. It felt great to be a part of the event and especially to be there with my family.

E finished 59th in the 2 mile and I finished 89th. There were 520 people running. Alisha got in 83rd.

Next up, 5k in March! We'll see how it goes...

*I can't believe that a 22yr old girl got in from the 1/2 marathon in 1hour 27min. She had a 6:41 pace. Wow!

**Special thanks to Grandpa for the babysitting, photos, and good company.**


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