Six Months

Little Mae turned six months yesterday and I can't believe how the time has flown by. I didn't even realize that it was her "half birthday" until late in the day, so I ran off and snapped some photos of her.

This week she has started sitting up and I am so excited about it. She however, is not so excited. It makes her extremely nervous as all her muscles tighten and shake to keep her composure. After about 30 seconds she gives up her balance and her head plummets toward the floor. Sadly, I'm not always quick enough to catch her and then she lets me have it with all sorts of angry screaming. The sitting stage is great though. It means that she will soon be more capable of entertaining herself and I can't complain about that.

For the most part she is extremely easy going and happy. I love snuggling her and touching her perfectly smooth baby skin. She is such a mommy's girl, but most of all she adores her sister. All Blondie has to do is give Mae a smidgen of attention and she lights up. Of course, it has to be on Blondie's terms and only occurs once a day for about 45 seconds.

Greta's Favorites:

- Her Sister
- Her binky
- Squash, sweet potatoes, pears
- The remote
- Cell phones
- Pulling Hair (particularly Blondie's)
- Playing with and eating paper


Garrison Propaganda said...

i love it, i love it, i love it! your girls are way too cute for their own good! im sorry, another baby hair comment. i cant handle it (im jealous--ill admit it)! way too cute. i love half birthdays. everyone (but me) has a fun one. anthony-st pattys. jonas-christmas. mercer-groundhogs day! so much fun!!! loved the hair pulling comment. mercer likes to do that with jonas. she starts out softly patting his hair, all the sudden shes got handfuls of hair and shes laughing hysterically. too tricky!

Carr Clan said...

hayley, mae is so darling! I still can't believe you have two kids... hey, how do you like arizona? we're trying to choose a state to take the law bar in and florida isn't on the list :) mary

Taylor Tree said...

yeah baby!! sittin up is the best. jill can't wait to play with ava and GRETA. oh btw, everytime jill sees the pic of ava and her at costco she goes nuts. okay, not nuts, just smiles and says something that i dont'understand.

hey hey we're the carlsons said...

greta is so gorgeous! i can't believe she's already six months old. july is right around the corner and she will be one- crazy!

Annie Hyde said...

I love your little girls faces and hair and I love their names. they are very very darling. Happy half-birthday Greta Mae!

CChristianmomma said...

so Gorgeous! Aria's is today! I hope she's happy and i can take a few pics of her too! I like the favorite's list, i might just copy you, my brilliant friend!

Chy Jorgensen said...

Hey it's Chy your old roomi! I know how you feel, Cade will be 6 months on the 12th of Feb. so sad, exciting, and why the heck am I still FAT? I'm sure you would not understand! well love to spy in on you once and a while hope you don't mind! see ya Chy

Raelene said...

Gretta's list sounds exactly like Cohen's except its my hair, not something I'm super fond of. And I haven't ventured too far into the foods. My dr gave me the out to wait until 6 months for solids so I did. Its amazing how the time passes so quickly. July will be here before we know it.

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